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French Republic

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Rebublic Fran�ais Roshni Gorur & Olivia Serio Representation: France PWMUN XXV 2008- European Union Topics: Terrorism and Slavery "European citizens expect the EU to ensure their individual and collective protection and to safeguard their freedoms and fundamental rights. The achievement of this aim requires a basis of mutual recognition in the area of civil justice, the respecting of privacy and free movement and the fight against all forms of discrimination. It also requires more efficient judicial and police co-operation." -Jacques Barrot European Commission Vice President & EU Justice, Freedom & Security Commissioner- French Politician The European Union has been dealing with terrorism for a long time. Terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Spain alone, have caused more than 5,000 deaths in the last 30 years. France has been attacked numerously from the 19th century to present times. The most deadly are, the 1995 bombings in France carried out by the Armed Islamic Group, who were broadening the Algerian Civil War to France. These attacks killed eight and injured more than 100. Another was a parcel b**b exploding in Paris, France killing six, seriously injuring others, and wounding many other innocent civilians. ...read more.


French police estimate that 90% of the 15,000 s*x workers in France are trafficking victims, and that 3,000 to 8,000 children are forced into prostitution and labor, including begging. The French Government fully sticks to the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. While women are trafficked primarily into s****l exploitation and domestic servitude, many males are forced into labor in sweatshops, agricultural work and industrial services. In February 2003, France passed an anti-trafficking and slavery law, including a conditions against trafficking of children for begging; with penalties of imprisonment or high fines. The law enhances existing criminal provisions, including a 2002 law against child prostitution and trafficking. The law has banned certain forms of human trafficking but has left others untouched. France's policy on human trafficking is quite simple. You may not practice human trafficking in the forms of children for the use of begging and many restrictions on child prostitution. Also, you must offer some pay, even if it just enough food to survive. Depending on the restrictions in the place you are in you may or may not be able to "buy" the person, it my just be bondage slavery, though most people don't earn enough to buy themselves out of bondage. ...read more.


Dans 10 jours des assauts le 11 septembre, l'UE a agi pour �tablir une liste Union-Large d�finissant des actes de terrorisme et approprie des peines. Les autres accomplissements r�cents dans l'acte de contre-terrorisme de l'Union europ�enne sont une liste commune d'organisations terroristes, la nouvelle technologie pour Europol a utilis� pour analyser les menaces terroristes et am�liorant plus l'�change d'information et l'introduction de passeports plus assur�s et les moyens d'identification. Comme toutes nations europ�ennes de l'ouest, France a �t� forc�e par les �v�nements puisque les ann�es 60 et avant de d�velopper une r�ponse au terrorisme. L'aspect du plus d'-attention obtenant de contre-terrorisme fran�ais est GIGN, le Groupe de la Gendarmerie Nationale, mais cette petite, l'�quipe d'action de contre-terrorisme d'�lite est seulement un petit composant d'activit�s de contre-terrorisme et de politique en France. Surveiller et l'activit� antiterroriste de coordination sont en France le ou Comit� Interminist�riel de Lutte anti- Terroriste. Le comit�, qui inclut le premier ministre et les ministres de l'Int�rieur, la D�fense, la Justice, et les Affaires Etrang�res, d�veloppe et dirige la politique de contre-terrorisme. Au dessous du comit� dans le rang est l'Unit� de la Coordination de la Lutte anti- Terroriste, qui inclut des agences des minist�res d'Int�rieur et D�fense, et qui coordonne des op�rations. Ceux-ci sont seulement certains du beaucoup anti et les groupes oppos�s de terrorisme dans le Gouvernement fran�ais. ...read more.

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