How effectively does Parliament perform its functions?

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Carlos Cortiglia

How effectively does Parliament perform its functions?

When we say Parliament we mean the Houses of Commons and the Lords, as well the monarchy. Parliament is the legislative branch of the government, its main functions include providing checks and balances for the government, this includes holding the government to account. It also functions to criticize bills put through parliament, the recruitment of ministers, the ability to make and unmake laws, representation, debate and dealing with grievances, which will often involve MPs questioning ministers after receiving mail from members of the public regarding how decisions have in some way harmed them. Its functions also include enabling the government to raise taxes.

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Parliament functions to deliver Select Committees, which are independent. While it can definitely be said they have no powers to compel the Government to regard them, the Government can come under strong criticism for disregarding powerful and esteemed Committee chairs. The Select Committees in the Lords are at present undertaking an extensive investigation into the expenditure of government departments, which hasn't been done in a number of decades, as it's a time-consuming matter. This is done effectively as seen by the committees regarding the Iraq war and the committee established for the questioning of Sir Rupert Murdoch and his associates ...

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