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How significant are the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries?

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´╗┐How significant are the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries? A primary is the process in which presidential candidates are nominated to run as the candidate for a certain party by the public (you can only vote in one primary so you can only vote in one party?s primary). Each state is allowed to choose the date for their primary or caucus (which is very similar but the delegates are chosen by party leaders and the candidate is announced/voted on at the national convention) and both Iowa and New Hampshire have regularly been the first caucus and primary of the election campaigns respectively. This makes them significant in the following ways it determines the momentum of certain candidate?s via media and it can be seen to set the tone for the rest of the campaign. ...read more.


the 1950s in which the incumbent president Truman lost the first primary in new Hampshire and as a result of the ridicule withdrew from the presidential race, this also happened with LBJ (in the 1969 election) who with a less than convincing win in the Iowa caucus famously announced that ?I shall not nor shall I seek the nomination from my party to be your president? this shows the obvious significance the primaries/caucuses have. One reason it could be seen as less significant is that they don?t guarantee who the presidential candidate will be. Whilst it can be seen a convincing win early on is a very good confidence boost there are cases where people have suffered as a result of the early win i.e in 1980 Bush senior defeated Ronald ...read more.


This shows the significance of both the Iowa and new Hampshire caucus as it shows that there is a statistic advantage to winning the primary/caucus. Another example is that former mayor of new York Rudy Giuliani was the favourite to win the nomination but, due to overconfidence did not contest the New Hampshire primary and therefore lost a lot of popularity and failed to win the republican nomination. Which once again shows the significance as that primary could have been a turning point in the election for Giuliani. Overall it seems that it is extremely significant, however it doesn?t have a decisive say on the nomination just a great deal of influence. ...read more.

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