West Nile Virus Persuasive Essay

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Trevor Kinblom

May 1, 2007

West Nile Virus Persuasive Essay

AP English        

In 1985, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made a fatal miscalculation in the character and intentions of a dictatorial state known to have anti-America sentiments in the Middle East.  This mistake could be the cause of over a hundred American deaths and scores more throughout the Middle East and the world.  The CDC sent vials of the West Nile Fever Virus and other viral agents to a University in Iraq for “medical research”.  Before the West Nile Virus was sent to Iraq, there was never a case or an outbreak in the United States of America.  This impetuous decision on the Center for Disease Control’s part possibly resulted in the deaths of at least 148 citizens in the United States, and 25 Israeli citizens.

On May 21, 1985, the CDC allowed three vials of active West Nile Fever Virus to leave the country and be transported to Iraq along with other deadly viruses including the virus that causes the plague.  The Iraqis said that they wanted the virus for medical reasons.  At this time, the United States of America was on the verge of starting the Gulf War and yet the CDC was still shipping deadly strains of viruses to a foe of the United States.  The foe, Iraq, is a country ruled by a tyrannical dictator who is very unpredictable, and who has been known for slaughtering Kurds and other ethnic groups in his country.  Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq, has also been accused of testing biological weapons on the people of Iraq.  Knowing all of this, the CDC still felt that it was necessary and acceptable to give strains of deadly viruses to Dr. Mahammad Imad, an Iraqi who has a doctorate in microbiology.  In addition to giving deadly viruses to an Iraqi microbiology researcher, the CDC furnished Dr. Imad with training in their own laboratories, and allowed him to hand carry the viruses out of the country.

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During August of 1999, the nightmare of West Nile Fever Virus emerged within the borders of our country.  This virus had never been detected in the western hemisphere before.  Is it not peculiar that the outbreak of West Nile Fever Virus in New York City occurred virtually simultaneously with an outbreak in Israel?  According to the CDC, the two outbreaks had 99.8 percent genetic similarities.  This statement alone raises several questions, such as why would the CDC feel that it is necessary to test two different outbreaks on opposite sides of the world?  Could it be because they feel that ...

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