Why are US presidential elections so long ?

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Why is the US Presidential election such a long process (15m)

The process of electing a president of the United States is certainly a long one. The formal process takes nearly a year but in reality starts before it’s even begun. The first point to make is that of the importance of the campaign trail. Presidential elections take place in November but before this a significant countrywide election campaign is launched.  The Presidential election specifically is as much about character and personality as it is politics, and so it is seen as vital that the chosen candidate of each party effectively “tours” the country fist hand to deliver their message in person. Naturally, The US having 50 states can make this process a long one, but not only does it add a personal aspect to each of the states votes, but also can act as a good test of stamina. The job of president can be long, gruelling and both physically and mentally demanding and the campaign trail can act as a final test before people cast their votes. For example in 2008 Barack Obama showed himself to not only be more in touch with the modern electorate but also to have more of a physical resilience for such as job, especially compared to 74 year old John McCain, who many commented looked especially tired and stressed throughout the final weeks of the campaign, not a good sign for a potential president.

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        Before the final party campaign trail however, is the first of the official election processes’, the primary season. In order to allow time for the final big push before the election, the primary season is usually towards the begging of the year, kicking off in late January. It is during this process that each party chooses its candidate through a series of primaries and caucuses. Like the final campaign trail, candidates have to travel around the country to try and whip up support amongst their own party to secure their own position as an official candidate for president before turning ...

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Overall this answer does address the needs of the question by explaining the process through which US Presidential Candidates must go in order to get elected, however there is some additional information that should be included. A mention of the debates and electoral college would improve this answer, and a more chronological approach would really emphasise how the long the process is. ****