Give an account of the fundamental ideas of the Design argument for the existence of God.

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i)Give an account of the fundamental ideas of the Design argument for the existence of God.

The Design argument is a posteriori argument for the existence of God. The basis and structure towards the Design Argument is all about a creator and designer whom set things and planned everything to be the way it is today, and the designer must have been God. Key supporters such as Paley and Aquinas, using analogies to compare the world to similar objects both agree that there is some creator or designer whom created the world in a specific way and to perform tasks to the best of their best abilities. Therefore, the Design argument is an a posteriori argument (based on experience), which attempts to prove God's existence by looking for order and purpose in the universe.

One of the fundamental ideas of the Design argument is the fact that it finds experience within the universe to which shows regularity. When discussing the purpose of nature, Aquinas believed the world could not just be. Similar to the principle of metaphysical necessity; there had to be some kind of designer or purpose of it. Aquinas uses the analogy of the archer to illustrate his point. He said that an unintelligent arrow cannot be aimed towards its goal without an intelligent archer. Likewise, the universe requires a guiding intelligent being to reach its goal. Therefore, Thomas Aquinas concludes that this intelligent being is God, implying that God exists.

Similarly, Paley uses an analogy of the watch to support the Design argument. A key feature of the Design argument is that it is a posteriori and this allows the following scholars to compare the complex nature of the universe with designed things. Paley was adamant that God was the creator of everything; to say the universe has a purpose fits with the idea that God is this creator. He developed his watch analogy and decided that the world was similar to the watch, due to it being equally complex and because it demonstrated similar harmonious order to the universe. His explanation brought him to the conclusion that the universe is like one big complex machine that must have been created by an infinite being. God; he argued could be the only possible designer because he is perfect in every way.

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F.R. Tennant through inductive reasoning offered an adequate explanation for the existence of God.  Tennant accepts the theory of evolution but points out that, nature seems to plan in advance for the needs of the universe and that science cannot fully account for this. Supporting Paley’s key feature of Design Tennant argues that ‘if parts were different in any way, regulated motion would not have happened’. This implies that, if anything was altered in the creation of the universe, life would not have been possible. His Anthropic principle is an argument that states the universe must have been planned; this ...

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