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Physics Coursework

Sensor Project


I shall be undertaking a individual instrumentation project, in my project I shall be building and testing a sensor - exploring the characteristics of a sensor and it to design and assembling a system to allow a sensor to make a measurement.

For my task of building and testing a sensor I shall be adapting the problem of not knowing the level of water in your Cold Water Tank or in Toilets in housing and offices. When building my sensor I shall be following a specification that I shall construct to allow me to stick to my idea and not to begin design things that do not apply to my idea.

When testing my sensor I shall have be limited to using school appliance and equipment therefore I shall simply fill sink or a bucket up with water, clamp my sensor with my construction of the ability to measure the water level, then slowly I shall reduce the amount of water to test the sensor for its sensitivity.

For my sensor I shall also have to use mechanical objects to allow my sensor to work in its environment, such as gearing ratios to allow the ball on the water level to go up and down.

I chose this sensor for my project because it shall be a challenge for me to calibrate the potentiometer due to its problems with adjusting to ret rive its measurements and also to mount the components. Also with the problem of limitation of apparatus for my experiment it shall limit me to how and what I would like to do for my sensor.

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Potential Divider

Potential dividers are used in circuits to divide the voltage across a line in the circuit. They are generally used is circuits which require calibration or adjustments of voltage across components in the circuit. For example when a voltage of 6V is required across a circuit generally a 9V battery is needed, to achieve the 6V the only option that can be used is a potential divider.


When two resistors are connected in series which have the same value (1k) the voltage is halved, such as if the voltage across the resistors is 9V then this ...

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