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AS and A Level: Work & Leisure

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  1. Telephone ConversationBy: Wole Soyinka This one stanza poem clearly elaborates on the idea of color prejudice that is common among most of middle class society. It

    Since he had to tell the lady that he is colored implies that he has prefect English accent that couldn't be differentiated from a white man's English over the phone. After he said his "self- confession" because he "hates a wasted journey" there was "silenced transmission of pressurized good breeding"; this quote refers to the landlady's upper class up bringing, which is being put under pressure by the idea of allowing a colored to live on her property. When she finally answers Soyinka describes the voice as a "lip stick coated, long gold-rolled cigarette holder pipped" voice, which reveals her

    • Word count: 822
  2. Based on our brainstorming our job was to build a scene describing what we thought of the beggar. Our setting was in the bar was authentic. There were two rich people wanting martinis

    Based on our brainstorming our job was to build a scene describing what we thought of the beggar. Our setting was in the bar was authentic. There were two rich people wanting martinis and only thinking of them selves, an alcoholic had dropped to the floor and the two talkative bar tenders. It was a scene of all us pitching in our thoughts of the beggar, including the drunken person on the floor. Then we had to do scenes about the day of our beggar. Mr. Tungate loved our group's scene idea on having an introductory scene with the girls jogging in the park and spotting the bum because of his body odor.

    • Word count: 615
  3. To what extent had the role and status of women in society improve by 1900?

    This was a huge step in improving the quality of life for many young women. It enabled them to apply for better paid jobs which require education instead of labour, as well as a huge expansion in teaching enabling women to enter a new profession. Although this was a vast improvement girls were still only taught the bare minimum in reading and writing as they concentrated far more on a domestic curriculum including sewing and cooking, whilst there male classmates were taught far more academic subjects such as science.

    • Word count: 1685
  4. Critically examine the view that society is becoming Mcdonalized using relevant examples to illustrate your argument Many areas of society, such as shopping and travel, have changed dramatically in their structure

    Finally the control factor, that is "Control over both employees and customers because, " [people are] the great source of uncertainty, unpredictability and inefficiency in any rationalizing system...(ritzer 1996:101 - from Mcdonalization.com) I am going to focus on shopping; where we shop, how we shop and the shops we shop in which I believe has been heavily influenced by the Mcdonaization thesis. By assessing the presence of the 4 factors mentioned I will evaluate the changes. The department shore shows maximum efficiency of shopping.

    • Word count: 1722
  5. Computers In Education

    Computers have revolutionized education, but not without a cost. The cost is the quality of education some students receive. Computers take time students would normally use reading and researching so that they can make their project or paper more attractive. Time is taken away because teachers have not looked upon quality lately, and teachers don't grade harshly if it looks good. Papers have such a high expectation of visibility and a low expectation of quality these days. This theory has been tested by both students and experts and has been found to be true.

    • Word count: 635
  6. Compare and contrast Functionalist and Marxist theories of education

    Functionalists see that roles are allocated to certain people within society. Those who do well in education are rewarded by being able to reach occupations that have high pay and high status. Therefore this meritocracy encourages people to believe that social background is not important, allowing plenty of social mobility. Talcott Parson, a sociologist goes on to further research and justify this role allocation believing young people re given appropriate roles in the wider society, depending on their talents and abilities.

    • Word count: 708
  7. Constraints of literacy in developing countries

    The percentages of men who are literate are three to four times larger. Among other countries the gender gap is noticeable large: Libya 30%, China 38%, Zaire 26%, Botswana 21% and Turkey 23%.[4]coge ger segegew orge gek inge foge ge. Obstacles to literacy "Women's place is in the home." Subsequently, we have heard this phrase many times over. In several developing countries, this saying is true for while the men folk are away from the home, the women take over the men's work while attending to their customary chores.

    • Word count: 3793
  8. To what extent did women become more emancipated in the period 1800-1914? In 1800 there were only a very small number of women who were literate

    The church wanted people to read the bible and so the Church of England National Society for Education was set up. The majority of working class children went to these schools at some point, the Sunday schools offered similar education to factory schools and religious groups financed them. Some people believe that this was just a social control to convince the working classes to accept their position in life. Although this was one of the only educational opportunities for girls many parents kept them at home.

    • Word count: 2689
  9. The Reason behind the Increase of Consumer debt and Materialism

    As functionalists would say, this benefits other institutions like family (members getting employed), religion (churches, temples, mosques, etc. receive larger contributions), and education (school taxes become higher because property values are higher). The booming economy also makes it possible for people to purchase more goods and services, fueling materialism and overspending. Over the past years, the economy in general has been booming. According to Labor Department data, there are over 139 million Americans who are employed, up by 2.6 million since the recession ended in November of 2001. This has caused for many family members to either gain employment or have their wages increased.

    • Word count: 1425
  10. In the 15th Century the idea of 'schooling' began, the church ran the schools

    To determine which school pupils would attend they would take an IQ test at aged 11. Those who passed the test went to grammar or technical schools, all schools were supposed to have similar standards of provision, know as 'parity of esteem'. This system was criticised for being culturally biased against working class children and unequal amongst boys and girls, here are some examples: * Many middle-class children who failed the 11+ were sent into private education by their parents.

    • Word count: 2205
  11. Social Class and Identity 1. The working class are associated mainly with the labour party and trade unions

    (e) There are three ways in which schools act as agencies of socialisation. Firstly is skills provision. This is that education teaches the skills required by a modern industrial society. The second is role allocation. This is that education allocates people to the most appropriate job for their talents using examinations and qualifications. Third is socialisation. This is that education helps to maintain society by socialising young people into key cultural values, for example, achievement and individualism. Social Class and Identity 1.

    • Word count: 802
  12. Examine sociological explanations of the relationship between education and the economy

    This can be done through lessons such as history. He believes that school teaches pupils how to co-operate and work with others. The subjects that are taught in schools are related to skills that are required for work. The education system sifts and sorts the people according to their ability and that those who want to achieve can do so despite social class or background. Parsons thinks that the school is the first place where they are taught universal values and rules. School helps introduce a consensus; this is where everyone agrees on the same basic values.

    • Word count: 1345
  13. The upper and even middle class, which usually has a good education, have the duty to show the lower class the light and to get these people

    Why can these people of lower class never achieve crossing the class boundary? Most of lower class does not have an education. Therefore their opportunities for having profitable and non-dead-end jobs are nearly impossible by all standards. Because of their lower education, their job selection is limited to mostly manual labor, where pay is minimal, at best. Due to their low-paying salaries, a good college education is usually completely out of the question for their children. College is too much money and "they got along fine without a college education," which is sometimes the case, but severely limits future opportunities for their children.

    • Word count: 601
  14. Find out what subjects girls study more in higher education as well as for boys. Why are girls less likely then boys to study science and technology subjects? Create and carry out questionnaires similar to Dale spender research.

    Objectives: * Find out what subjects girls study more in higher education as well as for boys. * Why are girls less likely then boys to study science and technology subjects? * Create and carry out questionnaires similar to Dale spender research. Context The sociological perspectives that can be identified best with this research are Feminist Perspective and an Integrationist perspective. I will be specifically relating to a Radical Feminist perspective. " Radical Feminist consider that patriarchy - the system of domination of females by males - is the central issue for women.

    • Word count: 4631
  15. What is Education? Education has been an important aspect in people's lives. As children

    In this paper, I will argue my thoughts on what is the experience of education. There are many ways to argue what the experience of education is. My argument is that the experience of education means gaining the skills and knowledge to not only to survive in the real world, but to gain awareness and appreciation for life-long learning and the things that happen around us. Education is such a broad field as there are so many educational paths to take to become successful in a particular field. Common knowledge says that the education we've experienced in elementary school have helped prepare us for middle school.

    • Word count: 998
  16. Higher Education in the USA. Finishing school is the beginning of an independent life for millions of school graduates

    It comprises four categories of institution: 1. The university, which may contain: - several colleges for undergraduate students seeking a bachelor's four-year degree; - one or more graduate schools for those continuing in specialized studies beyond the bachelor's degree to obtain a master's or a doctoral degree; 2. The four-year undergraduate institution - the college - most of which are not part of a university; 3. The technical training institution, at which high school graduates may take courses ranging from six months to four years in duration, and learn a wide variety of technical skills, from hair styling through business accounting to computer programming; 4.

    • Word count: 2492
  17. Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the contribution of functionalist sociology to an understanding of the role of education in society.

    Identify and briefly explain two reasons why females in general are now achieving better GCSE grades than males. (8 marks) One reason that I think females are achieving better GCSE grades than males is that more pressure is being put on females nowadays due to women being more determined to be treated equally to men in areas such as jobs. Another reason, is that I think women are becoming more independent are striving harder to reach their targets and goals.

    • Word count: 767
  18. Compare And Contrast Marxist and Functionalist Approaches to the Study of Education

    Marxists would disagree with this and are interested in the way education works in the interests of the ruling class in a capitalist society. They see the education system as driven by the needs of capitalism which wants a work force that is easily exploited and accepts their exploitation. Both Marxists and functionalists see education as a powerful influence on students, making sure that they conform to societies norms and values.

    • Word count: 480
  19. American education is a lot different than the early Chinese education. In America, school is for developing critical thinking skills. American

    This approach of learning narrowed the range of knowledge that a Chinese student might have. This would limit the students thinking and restrict their future development. When a student is limited in what he of she can do then that will dramatically decrease the number of jobs that they have to chose from. American education is a lot different than the early Chinese education. In America, school is for developing critical thinking skills. American education teaches students to apply what they learn in the class to the outside world.

    • Word count: 831
  20. An Investigation into Primary School Physical Education

    intention to delve into the government's involvement in physical education, it is necessary to mention their ambitions to constantly improve both the teaching and learning of physical education. This ambition can be represented through the numerous teaching schemes, courses and initiatives that have also been made available by organisations such the Physical Education Association (PEA) as reported latter on in the assignment. Furthermore the government have the responsibility for deciding on the cornerstone set of guidelines known as the National Curriculum.

    • Word count: 4016
  21. Identify FOUR Values that are associated with education in the Caribbean. Explain how these values have shaped your choices and behaviours.

    School teaches individual's to learn to interact and cooperate with people who are neither friend nor family; therefore, school provides the perfect atmosphere to acquire interaction skills. The school allows the students to interact under a fixed set of rules and these experiences allow the student to grow and prepare themselves for interaction with the wider society. Durkheim also added that school rules must be enforced and punishments should me put in place where necessary. This in turn helps the student to learn that their act was wrong and would be able to exercise self- discipline not only to avoid punishment but because their action has done damage to that social system.

    • Word count: 902
  22. Does Utopia describe an ideal society

    Book one starts off as a discussion between More, Hythloday and Peter Giles. At first the discussion is very relaxed, starting off in a church, then continuing into a garden and also at a friend's dinner but soon becoming more and more intense as they enter into debates such as practical politics and the problem of theft in England. Even though More himself, has his own character in the book, many believe the More uses Hythloday as a mask and shields himself behind him and so is able to gain the safety he needs to discuss a number of controversial issues and ideas hat he has about England.

    • Word count: 1507
  23. One of the most significant parts of the Human Resources is teachers

    In my opinion, they were showing that they were disagreeing with the pay system. The problem is occurring with teachers who are given the responsibility of educating the future pioneers. Being dissatisfied, especially in this part of Human Resources, is actually dangerous and expensive especially in the long term. Currently, teachers, in my opinion, started omitting some parts of the purpose of teaching. Why is that? Because they aren't happy with their salaries. Is it important to solve their problem? Absolutely yes, because the whole country is relying on schools to educate children and adults.

    • Word count: 613
  24. 1) Describe the employment opportunities of women in Britain in 1914?

    Thus, remuneration for woman was much lower than their counterparts. Working in factories was extremely difficult because the work was very monotonous. More or less nine hundred thousand women worked in the textile Industry. The Sweated trade also engaged large numbers of women, the figure almost climbing to a million. Most employers were unbearable in their attitudes towards these working class women and therefore paid very low salaries. The worst fields of the Sweated trades were the clothing and the dressmaking industries.

    • Word count: 3017
  25. Stephen Glass

    Considering they were all works of bigotry, clearly, this distraught individual must have created a kind of chemic al imbalance in the public's mind, just as tobacco companies are doing to their smokers today. Just as Glass's folly deceived the public, tobacco companies are worldwide abominable. Furthermore, Just as in the Glass scandal, where the public was deceived by fake and fraud news stories, today's tobacco industry misleads people into buying their products. The tobacco industry misleads people in a way that can leave them incompetent and helpless.

    • Word count: 1101

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