Aims and Objectives of business

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Task 4 p3 Aims and Objectives


Aim is long-term vision or goal of a business. The business aim can be for  one year to ten years or more. The main aim of a business is what they are  doing and why they are in business. They usually relate back to the ownership of the business for example a large PLC aim is to make profit for their shareholder while a small sole traders aim could be survive  the first year.


Objectives are specific measurable targets which help achieve  the aims of the business. They usually are short term for example a shop wants to increase bread sales by 5% with in  three months.  Objectives help business to be clear on what they are doing. It also sates  how and when  they  plan to it.

Argos LTD

Argos' aim is to sell products such as furniture, electrical good's, toys, and leisure goods. In addition they also have gone into credit cards, home insurance, pet insurance and car insurance. They also want to increase market share and open new stores. They also want to employ  new staff and run Argos more efficiently.

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They want to make products cheaper so customers will buy more. They have catalogue where you can view all there products. They also provide very good customer service which includes a 16 days money back guarantee. They will open another 100 stores in the UK this year. This will increase their market share and they will also employ new staff. They will also make sure that less products get broken and that there are less refunds.  

Tesco plc        

Tosco's aim is to maximize profit for the share holders. They also ...

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