Business Studies Aims, objectives, and activities

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Aims, objectives, and activities

Any successful business will have carefully planned and set goals and targets to work towards. A business sets these targets to ensure that they are working in a positive and efficient manner and to, in so far as possible, ensure success.


An aim of a business is the overall goal of the business. For example, most businesses aim to make a profit or to expand.


Objectives are specific targets that a business sets to meet its aims. Examples of objectives include;

  • To increase sales revenue
  • To open new stores within the market.
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The activities of Schuh are the day to day operations of the business. This is basically what the business does each day. Examples of business activities include;

  • Manufacturing goods
  • Selling products
  • Providing services

Aims, objectives and activities of Schuh

As a successful business Schuh charts out short, medium and long term goals and targets to achieve to ensure the business will be operating as a success. The aims, objectives and activities of Schuh include;


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