Write a business plan which I would set up within my school.

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For my year 11 GCSE coursework I have been set the task to write a business plan which I would set up within my school.

        From what I already know I have come to the conclusion as to running the business as a sole trader. I have done this because only need a small amount of capital needed to be invested; this will reduce the initial start-up costs it will reduce fixed costs because I wont be paying out on other employees wages and being a sole trader,  I would not have to consult anyone else about my decisions or actions that I plan to make and also would be able to keep all the profits that the business makes, however becoming a sole trader  I will suffer from limited liabilty  and will be liable for all of the business’s debts.

        The aim of my business is to provide a useful service to all the students and staff of my school, to break even and make beneficial profit. However one of the important aims of my business is to remain open, being forced to close because of the lack of sales is a major threat for small business such as this.

I shall create a market orientated business I feel this will increase it’s chance of surviving because as it will be able to adapt to what a customer wants.

        For my business to be successful I need to find out what type of market I will be aiming my services to, this will be carried out thorough market research, this will highlight what people want from my business.

        I need to find out where to place my business within my school premises. I will find a suitable place to hold my business from the answers I get from my market research.        


        I also need to establish my prices for my service that I will be providing. This will vary depending on where I place the business and my market research.

        But first of all I need to confirm what business I will set up. I will go about this by a simple spider diagram showing different possibilities from there I will show the disadvantages and advantages. Eventually I will come to a conclusion as to what business I shall plan to create.



From my market research, my questionnaire, I now know the following things:

  • My target market = 11-20 year olds.
  • What product will be most in demand, therefore what products to have most stock of = biros.
  • Which products are least in demand= binders, colouring pencils and rulers.
  • When I shall be opening my shop= every week day lunch time.
  • Where it shall be held= Sc2
  • And the average amount being spent per customer = £6
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Market Research

For my market research I shall provide a questionnaire with a series of quantitative, qualitative, open and closed questions.

        I chose to do my market research in the form of a questionnaire because it allows me to gather very detailed information there are some limitations with this method of research as it wastes a lot of time.


This will give me all the information I will require to find out what the consumers needs are.  Based on the information I gather from my market research I can make a marketing plan which will benefit ...

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