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GCSE: Systems and Control

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Electronic Dice Project.

    3 star(s)

    LED's Designed LED layout 20/04/03 Made on Crocodile Clips Full Testing Put all stages together to test 09/05/03 Stage 1 : Clock source 555 timer The 555 will generate the clock pulse need for later on in the circuit. The 555 is commonly used as either a monostable or an astable multivibrator. The circuit I will be using to generate the clock pulse is shown below: I have tested the frequency of this circuit and it is 2000Hz I think that this is too slow and I want a fast frequency.

    • Word count: 1721
  2. Free essay

    Invention of the Internet

    In the beginning, when the internet first came into play America's were startled and amazed by the possibilities of communication that the World Wide Web brought. He web is mainly a way that brings people together to communicate. The web is a layer of system upon system (Bowell). The Web is a continual ongoing process. It has never stopped replicating itself or processing since the first day it began. However, even though there many different systems on the web, no website is subject to special rules.

    • Word count: 847
  3. Review of Electronics Systems in Society

    through the internet and television. * Improved medical care due to electronic systems in hospitals like life support and scanning machinery. * Easy communication with the use of telephones, mobile phones and the internet. People can easily communicate with each other wherever they are. * Reduced cost of manufacture as less workers are needed and machinery can quickly produce lots of products. Negatives * Theft is made easy because of people's details being kept on electronic databases that can be accessed undetected. * Easy access to information can be bad as well if the information was not intended to be made available such as leaked information or personal information.

    • Word count: 2509
  4. Electronics Project - Digital Metronome

    This means the display system shows the frequency of this output in beats per minute as opposed to Hertz. This output is then connected to an LED and a transistor amplifier which is connected to a buzzer to make buzz sounds at the frequency shown on the display. Sub-system in detail: Variable Astable Oscillator This circuit diagram shows the variable frequency astable in detail. The basis of the sub-system is a 555 IC. The reset pin is tied high to ensure that the chip functions correctly.

    • Word count: 1415
  5. GCSE Electronic Products Specification Design and manufacture a Skeeball counter game that will count / add up points depending on which column the ball passes through.

    -Have five 10k resistors part number 63-2344 costing �0.17 from www.rapidonline.com. They will be used in the control part of the circuit connected to the 555's monostable pin's 6 and 7. -Have five 100uf capacitor part number 11-3087 costing �0.05 for 1+ from www.rapidonline.com. They will be used in series with the 10k resistor that is connected to pin 6 and 7 of the monostable 555. -Have twenty nine 360 ohms resistor part number 62-2325 costing �0.17 for 1+ and �0.15 for 50+ from www.rapidonline.com. They will be used as protective resistors for the test points in the circuit where the LED's are.

    • Word count: 1081
  6. Electronics scoreboard

    Find out how they work and what they look like. * Component List - Involves all the components there quantity and price * Letter to Industry - Write a letter to a company about my product. To get information that could help do my project. * Project Research - Researching facts and figures about my product using the internet and books. * Situation and Brief - Describing what the problem is, and how I am going to fix the problem with my project.

    • Word count: 7431
  7. Getting On Line Without a Computer or Internet Access at Home

    Benefits of Using Traducelo Ahora SPAN piloted use of Traducelo Ahora with over 50 Spanish-speaking families around New Jersey for several months. Here's what they say about the program: "It's fabulous! So quick and easy to use. It's a great tool!" "It has opened up my world! I am now able to communicate beyond my language limitations!" "I cannot believe how many resources are available! I have so much I need to learn. I can simply translate and print the material that will help equip me to become a better advocate for my child."

    • Word count: 3131
  8. Buying a PC

    This is an example of a desktop, where you can see many icons, or shortcuts to applications, documents etc. XPS 630 would provide you with Windows Vista Home Premium, which would actually look like the picture shown on the left. Windows Vista is the next progression of the Microsoft operating system. Vista is can also be called as an upgrade of Windows XP. Vista offers progression on reliability, security, performance and management. XPS 630 has Intel Core 2 Quad Processor. This might be a very big word but it actually means it's a Quad- Core processor which is a type of multi-core technology that includes two separate dual cores; in this case core 1 and 2 would share a memory cache.

    • Word count: 637
  9. Palm OS Management

    Palm OS's objectives, requirements, power management, data and file management, memory, process management, and security has put it on top Operating System Objectives Flexibility To protect Palm's investment in older software, OS 5 supports the Application Programming Interface (API) of OS 4, giving it backward compatibility. Up until now, all Palm Operating systems were 16-bit and used a processor from Motorola's Dragonball "68k" line. The Palm OS 5 now uses the ARM processor because of its superior speed and architectural improvements.

    • Word count: 3263
  10. Analysis Courseork

    Amy Smith: Would you say you would like a new system that is easier? Kate Devon: Yes, after a long hard day my hand gets tired and people often don't understand my writing, they have complained, but there is nothing I can do, I have tried to explain this to them. I would like to see a new system put in place that is easier and faster to use. The simpler, the better. Amy Smith: Would you consider having someone to help you or would you prefer an automatic system? Kate Devon: I must say that an automatic system sounds like it would help an awful lot, you see I really don't enjoy my

    • Word count: 2248
  11. Design and Technology Project Design an Advertisement

    Normally this switch is open but by pressing it, the switch opens and stops current from passing through it. Thermistor- This input changes its resistance to match the temperature. When it is cold the resistance is high but by warming it up the resistance drops. PTM- Push to make switch. By pressing this switch in, the switch closes and allows current to flow and by releasing it the switch opens and no current can pass through it. Push- Push switch- This switch opens by pushing in the button and stays open. By pressing the button again the switch closes.

    • Word count: 3533
  12. maglite attachment

    1 Low Drilling Hair or tie may get trapped in machine 2 5 Med Order to keep loose ends tied 1 5 low Sanding Scratching yourself 5 2 Med Ware protective items 2 1 low Probability (Pr) Severity (Se) (Of exposure to or creating a hazard) (Including damage to machinery/Equipment)

    • Word count: 454
  13. electronics situations

    This game is purely a luck game that requires the player to pull a small trigger, when a metal ball is placed on top of the trigger it will be shot up to the top of the nails. From there it will bounce randomly off the nails and drop down to a column, different columns are worth different amounts of points. The game requires no batteries as it is not an electronic game. The size is 6.5 inches wide and 13 inches long.

    • Word count: 575
  14. 3. electronics

    The diagram shows that the input to the fan is temperature, measured by a thermistor, which in series with variable type of resistor makes a potential divider. The control is a type of switching amplifier which in this case is a transistor; I used two in the fan set out as a Darlington pair. The output is the movement of the propeller which is moved by a motor.

    • Word count: 537
  15. Elecrtonics - Audio Amplifier

    Solution 1:- Description:- This is a basic amplifier system. It has four different audio inputs. Two processes, the input selector will select the desired audio input to amplify. The amplifier is a single op amp and the output from this will power the speakers. Solution 2:- Description:- This system will, like the first solution, be able to switch between four inputs, it will be able to alter the output volume and control the amount of bass and treble on the output. It will have two channels, left and right. It will be amplified in two stages increasing the power and sound quality of the output.

    • Word count: 2422
  16. Solar Power

    If we are to convert the country to solar power, massive amounts of land would have to be covered with photovoltaic panels and solar heating troughs. A direct-current transmission backbone would also have to be constructed to send that energy efficiently across the nation. The technology is ready, and it is able to power itself on a moment's notice. Throughout this paper, I plan on presenting a brilliant idea that could provide 70 percent of the U.S.'s electricity and 40 percent of its total energy with solar power by 2050.

    • Word count: 1248
  17. The paper discusses the issues associated with the risks assessed between the organizations bidding for ownership of Lester Electronics. As described in the scenario

    Shang-wa granted Lester Electronics the exclusive right to sell Shang-wa capacitors in the United States for a timeframe of 65 years as long as the minimum annual wholesale purchase was at least one million dollars. Because of this exclusive contract, Shang-wa with Lester Electronics is the primary supplier of capacitors for the U. S. market. Other than the obvious financial benefits of this contract, Shang-wa Electronics cannot knowingly sell its capacitors to anyone intending to market to the United States buyers.

    • Word count: 4898
  18. Aim: 'Build a sensor circuit to test the proximity of an object using a light detector to detect light from a bulb reflected f

    From my results I could see that the LDR had the biggest input to output difference, meaning it was more sensitive than the photodiode. Next, I had to test which resistance would have the maximum output to input difference and thus give the LDR maximum sensitivity, shown in table A: Resistance/k? V out/V - Light on V out/V - Light off Difference/V 470 7.94 6.39 1.55 220 7.93 6.86 1.07 100 7.91 6.11 1.80 47 7.88 4.94 2.94 22 7.81 3.51 4.30 10 7.66 2.10 5.56 From my results in table A I concluded that the 10k ?

  19. Aim: Build a sensor circuit to test the proximity of an object using a light detector to detect light from a bulb reflected from an object.

    From my results I could see that the LDR had the biggest input to output difference, meaning it was more sensitive than the photodiode. Next, I had to test which resistance would have the maximum output to input difference and thus give the LDR maximum sensitivity, shown in table A: Resistance/k? V out/V - Light on V out/V - Light off Difference/V 470 7.94 6.39 1.55 220 7.93 6.86 1.07 100 7.91 6.11 1.80 47 7.88 4.94 2.94 22 7.81 3.51 4.30 10 7.66 2.10 5.56 From my results in table A I concluded that the 10k ?

  20. Water level sensor

    using R=R1+R2 What is potential divider? The potential divider circuit is the voltage split up between the components. is split in the ratio proportional to the ratio of the resistance between two resisters. Which mean the voltage share between them, the higher resistance one get great number of voltage (Voltage share = Resistance share) in my circuit there is a fixed resistor which I'm going to explain latter, the resistance can't change but if the resistance of my water level sensor increase it need more energy to pass through it therefore more voltage is needed. That means the voltage going through my fix resistor is less, because the voltage is fixed.

    • Word count: 2068
  21. My aim is to produce a line follower robot with a bump sensor which can

    I will use an amplifier to increase the current as I am using low voltage. I looked on the Maplins website (www.maplins.co.uk) and decided to use the LM386 because it is suitable for low voltage applications and it is relatively cheap. Specification: * The robot has to be able to follow straight lines, curves and turn around corners * It has to follow a black line that is against a white background * It must work using one 9V battery * The robot must be able to reverse from any obstacle it hits * It should be able to function on its own (No help needed to guide it)

    • Word count: 1558
  22. Developing an opacity

    Response time The time a sensor takes to respond to a change in input. If changes occur more rapidly than this then they will usually be averaged out. The response time should be suitable to detect important changes as they occur. Systematic error Most sensors are affected by changes in temperature, even those that aren't designed to detect them. Some sensors may also be affected by other environmental changes depending on their methods of detection, for example a LDR might produce different readings on a sunny day if the whole system isn't enclosed. Such influences will produce readings that display the correct trend but each reading is erroneous by the same amount.

    • Word count: 2847
  23. Investigation on sensors

    I shall have the output voltage produced just like how a turbine which gives an outcome of an electricity. My motor shall be added with a propeller made of cardboard, which shall consist of three blades. These three blades are operated "upwind," with the blades facing into the wind. This wind flow, or motion energy, when "harvested" by my propeller, like aircraft propeller blades, turn in the moving air and power an electric generator, which supplies electric current, which shall give an voltage, what I am looking for. The blades convert the kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power.

    • Word count: 3415

How does the central heating know when to turn itself off? What exactly happens when the fridge door is opened? Why do petrol pumps stop when the cars tank is full?

The GCSE Design and Technology Systems and Control introduces you to the designing and making of products which use mechanisms, computer control and electronics to modify or control processes. You will learn how materials and components can be designed, developed and utilised to control systems in a wide variety of contexts. You'll typically cover product analysis, commercial manufacturing processes, materials, electronics, mechanisms, computer controland the use of CAD and CAM. The subject will furnish you with the knowledge to study the subject at Advanced level or as a good preparation for further study inElectronics. Marked by Teachers has a great range of GCSE Systems and Control answers which you can study to gain a valuable insight into how questions in the subject can be interpreted, planned and answered.


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  • Test and evaluate a linear position sensor, and identify a possible use for this sensor in every day life.

    "Conclusion From this experiment we can see that using a linear position sensor in a potential divider circuit gives an output P.D or voltage, relative to the changes in resistance, in response to the environment. An increase in the force applied to the sensor's mechanical contact is associated with a decrease in the resistance of the sensor, and so the output P.D or voltage also decreases. In light of this experiment, and other background research of this sensor, I believe that a contact linear position sensor would be ideal for automotive applications. This is because there needs to be a constant track of the positions of the engine compartments, especially the movement of the engine's cylinders and pistons, and this sensor is protected against an engine compartment environment, (such as high temperatures), which can be harsh. It is also cost-effective, with a long endurance life, and can be 'tailored' and configured to fit the customer's needs or specifications. Here is a picture of the linear position sensor used in my experiment By: Scott de Silvia"

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