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GCSE: Systems and Control

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  1. Product Analysis - Cree LED Torch

    Inside there is a battery holder, which holds 3 AAA batteries to provide power for the light. The reflective cone should also spread out the light from the one Cree LED. For Materials, the outside case is made out of metal for strength and the handle area is textured for better grip. The pushbutton switch enables the torch to cycle between 3 different modes (low intensity light, high intensity light and strobe lighting) and off. Sustainability: The aluminium housing is widely recyclable, and Cree LEDs can run for several thousand hours meaning they hardly need replacing, meaning less waste going into land fills.

    • Word count: 522
  2. Report into Electricity Generation and Sustainable Energy

    From curing ailments (such as headaches or muscle spasms) to powering machines to do work more efficiently and faster than human beings, electricity has certainly come a long way. Powering the lesser known second industrial revolution, it created a variety of jobs, and although seen as an almighty source of energy, it came at a devastating price. When harnessing electricity, the most common method was to create and pressurize steam to push a turbine thus spinning a generator via burning coal or wood.

    • Word count: 4934
  3. Car Safety Features.

    All of them are very useful for the safety. The air bags are one of the important safety features. It has undoubtedly become a must-have security feature for the cars. Designed for critical (head-to-head collision) situations, the air bags are effective to save yourself during crashes, especially guarding the head, face, and the chest (rib cage part) from any form of an injury unless otherwise it happens to be very heavy impact. The air bags are basically bags that are stored in the steering wheel (for driver)

    • Word count: 1293

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