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A comparison between the Poetic techniques of Ferlinghetti & Afrika

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A Comparison between the Poetic Techniques Of Ferlinghetti & Afrika Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Tatamkhulu Afrika both have very effective poems. Both of which are written to state some form of inequality or discrimination. There are distinct and hidden similarities and differences between the two. These are going to be highlighted in this report. As mentioned before, both are talking about certain inequality or discrimination; however there are two main differences: 1. One poet is talking about racial issues (Afrika), the other about democratic issues (Ferlinghetti) 2. Afrika has a clear view point as he has been subject to the discrimination mentioned whereas Ferlinghetti is just stating what is happening Both of the issues written about were (and still are) key problems all over the world, which contributes to the poems' success, as everybody can identify with it. ...read more.


Afrika's poem, in a way; describes a journey, and is continually moving on, explaining the frames as they come and go. One of the most obvious ways in which these poems differ, is the way in which they are structured. "Nothing's Changed" uses a reasonably standard format of stanzas consisting of a "few" lines. Although, these line amounts vary, with one stanza as short as two lines. This is conveys a punch line, short and snappy to get a point across, as its sudden appearance takes the reader by surprise, and makes it intriguing. Ferlinghetti's poem seems rather less scripted at an initial glance, as there are lines sticking out all over the place, seemingly randomly. This structure backs up the idea that Ferlinghetti acts as an observer of the freeze-frame and is jotting down what he sees, also because of the fact that this technique makes it look like the description and the detail is being piled into it. ...read more.


This is contradictory because it has just been mentioned how they are similar in the way they explain the two opposites, yet Ferlinghetti; in theory, is not supposed to be opinionated. To disprove this, you look at his poem closely, and see that when he seems to take sides with the rich people, he uses a subtle reversal, for example: Lines 6-7: "...looking down into the elegant open Mercedes" This is referring to the "scavengers", and it is implying that they are looking down on the "beautiful people", which is a paradox, as in society, the latter are much higher up. I believe this is an attempt to balance things out. All in all, it is clear that both are writing to make the inequalities of this modern world more obvious, but they are doing so in different ways. Ryan Loughborough 10R/Q ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes section.

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