a life in the day of frank lampard

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A day in the life of Frank Lampard

The Chelsea and England footballer, 27, lives in Chelsea with his Spanish

fiancée, Elen, also 27, their baby daughter, Luna, and their French mastiff,


"The alarm on my mobile is set for 8, but with the baby I'm often already

awake. At the moment we've got a maternity nurse helping Elen, but once she

goes, I'm sure things will get a lot earlier, a lot more hectic. Right now

I've got about three-quarters of an hour before I leave for training. I

don't bother showering. I just freshen up, stick on jeans and trainers, let

the dog out and get her food. Daphne's a French mastiff — like the one in

that movie Turner & Hooch. She slobbers a bit, but she's got a beautiful


Breakfast is usually a mug of strong English-breakfast tea and a bowl of

Coco Pops. If I get bored, the Frosties come out. But I always go back to

Coco Pops — I've been having them since I was a kid. We get The Sun, Mirror

and Daily Mail delivered, so I usually have a quick flick through and then

set off in the car — a blue Aston Martin — for the training ground in

Join now!


I'll turn on the radio or listen to music. I like U2 and Coldplay, but James

Blunt's single You're Beautiful has really stuck in my head of late. Being

in the middle of a season, the sessions aren't too heavy. There are days

when it's harder to motivate yourself — you're tired or have things on your

mind, but on the whole I enjoy it. I'm a bit of fitness fanatic, anyway. I

got that from my father. He played for West Ham.

I wanted to be a footballer for as long as I can remember. It ...

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