Creative writing Standing in the pelting rain, gusting winds and hoping the luck will be with me

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Creative Writing

Standing in the pelting rain, gusting winds and hoping the luck will be with me. I am standing 12 yards away from the ball and I am glaring at it. The determined striker, looking at the ball like his prey and he was the predator and he started running towards it. “I have to save it, I have to” saying in my head. He approached the muddy wet ball and in the background I see my players in disbelief. 119 minutes gone in the final of the cup, 3-3 and the pressure was on me. He stroke the ball tremendously sweet and the next thing I know, “bang”. The ball crashed into the net. I fell into the mud in the goalmouth and the final whistle blew. Tilted my head up from the floor and looked at my team mates. “Don’t worry ‘bout it”, but I could see they was disappointed.

        “Beep…….Beep…..Beep…Beep.Beep”. I jumped up from my bed sweating. Relieved, it was a dream and I puffed and lay back down and looked up at the ceiling and close my eyes. “James get up, its 7:30” shouted my dad. I dragged myself up from my bed.

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        I’m a conventional 15 year old boy living in the heart of East London. Most of the time, I play football, watch football and dream football. Come on, who don’t like football? I’m a goalkeeper for my local footy team, and playing in the London youth cup final on Sunday. I’m on my way to school and the weekend starts at 3 o’clock today.

        I saw Jack and Ben leaning on the wall outside tutor.

“Alright boys” said to them.

“You better come on Sunday” said Jack jokingly. Jack was the lairy one in our team who took no shit ...

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