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GCSE: Comparing poems

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  1. In my essay I will be comparing the two poems nothings changed by Tatamkhulu Afrika and still Ill rise by Maya Angelou. My main aim in this essay is to discover how the two poets describe and express their feelings.

    Just like when you take a piece of paper and you twist it, the creases are impossible to take out. Then she says the word "bitter" this shows the reader how distressful this is to her and shows the reader that it really hurts her. "Trod me in very dirt" by saying this she explains her self and says that, you can do whatever you want but it doesn't bother me, still ill get there. She shows that she is full of firmness and determination and nothing will stop her.

    • Word count: 5389
  2. How do the poets of Vultures and Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes argue that human nature and society are built upon cruelty and inequality?

    As death brings about the feeling of evil and suffering, these opening lines are effective at introducing and outlining the argument. 'Broken bone' being used to describe the branches of the tree is particularly effective, because it reminds the reader of pain and suffering. The "dead tree" is also used, and as these two describe where the vulture is perching, this further associates the vulture with death, adding to the fact that it is a vulture and so feeds on rotting carcasses.

    • Word count: 3140
  3. Comparing and Contrasting Poems

    Some people may also believe that Ezekiel has used this title only to inform us of the time of the event and to set the scene for us; however, I believe the title has greater significance and regard it as almost a window into the poem. I believe that both poets have used many devices such as imagery, connotations of words, repetition, metaphors, similes and much more to trigger a debate. 'Night of the Scorpion' is a poem full of techniques and views that touch very sensitive issues, criticising people's culture and beliefs.

    • Word count: 4911
  4. Clash of cultures coursework

    But she had enjoyed herself more on her own". The fact Cathy has different ideas and does not see along the same lines as her in-laws shows that the two different cultures have different values. It is also a good example of how two different cultures clash, and come across as a constant struggle, as Cathy, an English born woman who has moved to India, is forced to enter an alien world in which she cannot escape from. "The Train from Rhodesia" is another short story, written by Nadine Gordimer, who was born in South Africa in 1923 to an English speaking family.

    • Word count: 7776
  5. Compare and contrast Charge of The Light Brigade(TM) and Dulce et Decorum Est(TM)

    The poem 'Dulce et Decorum Est' tells the story of a young man and his fellow troops who march into war and find themselves fighting for air when a gas bomb hits the battlefield. The poet describes the horrific events that a young soldier endures after he fails to put his gas mask in time and pays the price by dying an agonising death through suffocation. The poet goes on to describe in graphic detail the horrendous feeling of helplessness that overcame the other troops who witnessed their friend die.

    • Word count: 3418
  6. my last duchess

    But in the picture shes smiling too. So he gets her killed so she can't smile no more. In The Laboratory the themes are poisons, paranoia and jelousy. The poem is written from a females view. It is basically about her husband cheating on her, and they know that she knows and are purposely hurting her. So, she wants to poison the mistress. In My Last Duchess, the theme might be the possessiveness of the duke, his wife and the position of his status. This poem is written from a males view. He loves his lady very much but gets jelous everytime she smiles at someone, because she uses the same smile that she uses when she smiles at him.

    • Word count: 3897
  7. Compaison of two poems - 'Night Over Birkenau' and 'Earrings.'

    They were burnt alive which emphasises the agony that Jews had to go through. Just to die in the end. All this gives us a like comparison of hell. In my opinion, the Germans in the poem possess a character equivalent God's, shown by their possessiveness over a wide nation, and, how they wiped them easily because of their ignorant, unjustified hate. There is further reference to the 'eyes' later in the poem which can effectively be linked to stanza four where Borowski refers to the eyes and the poison on the same line, "my eyes are poisoned from sleep."

    • Word count: 4559
  8. Poetry Coursework

    In "My Last Duchess" the Duke talks in a formal tone, like he is proud or sure of himself. "My gift of a nine-hundred-year-old name". This suggests the Duke is aware of his high status, and full of his own importance, which gives him an air of arrogance. According to the Duke, the Duchess did not show she was grateful for the special gift that the Duke gave to her. She ranked his gift as she did anyone else's. The Duke's relationship with his last wife was very negative; their relationship was more about pride than love. He describes his last wife as a flirt, "She looked and her looks went everywhere".

    • Word count: 3042
  9. Signalman and Red Room analysis

    as though he is in the light surrounding, and that the signalman is trapped down in the dark area with no importance or significance. This starts the tension at the beginning of the story by making us ask questions about the significance of the way the narrator is calling 'down' to the signalman. There is a strange atmosphere foreboding being built up and is increasing gradually in the first paragraph, by informing us that the signalman didn't detect from where the voice came from.

    • Word count: 4161
  10. Different Cultures

    Our culture and where we live affects our learning and understanding of life dramatically and that is what I will be looking at in detail. In the story Country Lovers, which is written by Nadine Gordimer, the relationship between Paulus and Thebedi is forbidden due to race . The Their relationship was only physical. "When he was 15 and six feet tall, and tramping round at school dances with the girls from the 'sister' school in the same town; when he had learnt how to tease and flirt and fondle quite intimately with these girls who were the daughters of

    • Word count: 4432
  11. The three stories I have been studying

    with him and decides to stay in the village to look after her family in her community it was important that the eldest child looked after the family as if she was the mother, another reason why she did not want to go is because she did not even have standard six (this was the same as SATS)where as Okeke a young male did not have to look after his family and was able to forward his education in the city.

    • Word count: 4014
  12. Discuss how the settings in 'The man with the twisted lip' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 'the Red Room' by H.G. Wells and 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens create mystery and suspense.

    In fact it was the signalman's own death he was getting warned about all along, and the ghosts distressed warnings where the exact ones that the train driver gave just before the accident, to try and warn him to get off the tracks! 'The Man with the Twisted Lip' is also written in the first person, from the point of view of Sherlock Holmes' assistant- Watson. A woman's husband is missing and she believes that she saw him in an upstairs window of a decrepit building.

    • Word count: 3407
  13. War Peotry

    A significant part of the battle occurred in the trenches; termed as trench warfare. Soldiers of various nations lost their lives here, mainly by 'going over the top'; climbing out of the trenches and charging at the enemy, almost became inevitable for them to be driven to their deaths. The conditions were as described by many as being horrifying, where in every season, there was a major problem; in the winter these would get extremely muddy and subsequently slippery, whereas in the summer, the flies and other insects would feast upon ignored human flesh like no other animal.

    • Word count: 5639
  14. "Feeling "whole" and comfortable with who we are important to us all. Discuss and compare how poets from other cultures explore this in their poems

    Sujata wrote this poem as she was afraid she might lose her original language whilst studying in America. Sujata referred to her mother language as "the deepest layer in her identity." " Half Caste" is a basic story of a coloured young man, who belongs to a mixed race. Throughout the poem he is talking directly to the reader. After reading "Half Caste" you can immediately assume the poet is of a different culture, his identity has come from two different worlds hence the title "Half Caste" half meaning two parts of something. "Search for My Tongue," is about a girl who has got two languages.

    • Word count: 3336
  15. Compare & Contrast "Mid Term break" by Seamus Heaney & "Treasure in the Heart" by Joolz.

    From studying the title of his poem "Mid term Break" you would expect a happy poem with children playing having fun. You would not expect the opposite and that is exactly what this poem really represents. The poem is about death and the wave of misery & destruction that affects the concerned people. Another way you could look at the title of the poem is that he wanted to make his last memory of his brother a fond one. As he was also older when he wrote this final reflection it would have ment it would be a more mature

    • Word count: 3744
  16. Examine the way in which Culture affects the relationships of the main characters in 'Country lovers' and 'Veronica'.

    For example a lot of first generation Asian people who live in Britain may find it hard to mix in with other people because there are many differences between the two like the language barrier or they might have different beliefs that not every one understands, the solution to the problem is that they need to learn about one another and respect what they believe in and their way of life, most importantly to create mutual understanding and respect for each other's beliefs and way of life.

    • Word count: 3411
  17. Edward Kamau Brathwaite: Limbo

    and the acting out of the voyage into slavery. The poem can be chanted or sung, with a rhythmic accompaniment to bring out the drama in it (percussion, generally, is appropriate but drums, specifically, are ideal: in fact, the text refers to the "drummer" and the "music"). What do you find interesting in * the way the poem appears on the page * sound effects in the poem * repetition in the poem * the way the limbo dance tells the story of slavery Is this a serious or comic poem?

    • Word count: 3672
  18. Discuss Merle Hodge'S Crick Crack Monkey As a Novel

    "However, looking at the story of "crick crack monkey" through the eyes of a young white girl, rather than a young black girl, the reader might see the injustice and the ethnic discrimination that a black person must endure. She would not be accustomed to being called a "little black nincompoop" (Hodge 457), and she would most likely not have to suffer a physical beating with a ruler (Hodge 456)" Tee becomes the narrator and Hodge guides the reader through an "intensely personal study of the effects of the colonial imposition of various social and cultural values on the Trinidadian female."

    • Word count: 3376
  19. Culture Shock

    2 Definition of Culture Shock Nowadays there are many definitions for culture shock. The term Culture Shock was first mentioned in literature by Kalvero Oberg in 1960. In his article he defined Culture Shock as follows' the distress experienced by the sojourner as a result of losing all the familiar signs and symbols of social interaction' (Selmar, 1999, P.517). And these signs or cues include the thousand and one ways in which people orient themselves to the situations of daily life.

    • Word count: 3797
  20. Travel literature

    Later he set up his business in Hong Kong and from there made trips to China to take photographs. He became a fashionable photographer in the West End of London, in later part of his life. Thomson's most reliable and outstanding writing was when he had a trip to Bangkok during the reign of King Mongkut (r.1851-68), where he photograph the palace and the king. John Thomson has talked about many cultural observations in his passage called "King Mongkut Faces the Camera".

    • Word count: 3752
  21. Cultural Appropriation and Its Affects On Other Cultures.

    Far too many people today do not completely think through what the phrase "cultural appropriation" truly means. When we become angry about cultural appropriation it is really "cultural abuse" that is the problem.2 We as human beings need to grow and adapt our cultures and to do so we sometimes "cross-culture". It is the way in which a person goes about borrowing another's culture; it must have been done with the correct understanding of knowledge and respect without exploitation. "The debate about cultural appropriation has been conducted almost entirely by artists, art critics, and advocates of minority rights.

    • Word count: 4580
  22. Balance sheet by John Montague - In Romney Marsh by John Davidson - A Major Road for Romney Marsh by U.A. Fanthorpe - Ninetieth Birthday by R.S Thomas - How do the poets convey feelings about a particular place?

    In stanza five the poet ironically writes about plant names, such as; 'devil's bit' and 'pee the bed', that when are read seem to signify wickedness. He has written the names as though the plants have done something wrong. The reason he has done this may be suggesting to us that even though the plants are bad, there is a loss of soul in nature. Montague might also be indicating that the names of the plants are ones given by the local people, hence together with the plants and local people the local names have been lost.

    • Word count: 3436
  23. What can you learn about teenage fashion from source one?

    From this source we cannot be sure that the woman speaking was the only person wearing those specific clothes. This source shows the opinion of one woman in the 1950s. But we have to speculate upon the fact that it may not be a routine followed by all the other teenage girls in England in the 1950s. IN WHAT WAYS DO SOURCES TWO AND THREE AGREE ABOUT LIFE IN THE 1950s The two sources are statistical; they do not say were they are taken from. Source 2 is about the average weekly wages during 1950 and 1960. Source 3 shows an increase in consumer spending in certain areas from 1948 to 1960.

    • Word count: 4460

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Compare and contrast To His Coy Mistress(TM) and The Passionate Shepherd to His Love(TM)

    "In conclusion I think that the most persuasive poem is 'The Passionate Shepherd to his Love' because he makes the woman feel special and he doesn't mention her losing her virginity or the idea that time is running out. Instead he implies that time is no object when you are in love with someone as beautiful as her. These poems have had a very defiant effect on me, this being that I started to look into the attitudes to love now and I thought about how and why they have changed over time. Also it immediately made me put myself in the receiving end of the poem and thought about how I would react to them individually. Words - 1441"

  • Compare the ways in which Wordsworth presents London in Upon Westminster Bridge with Blakes view of London in his poem London.

    "In my opinion both of the poetess have right to give their own opinion, like every human being. William Blake showed the bad side of London and Wordsworth the good side, both of them has right to show the differences every person got different views for certain things. Blake was showing the negative things to show what makes him angry as Wordsworth has made his poem calm and enjoyable for everyone. Angelika Zadranowicz"

  • Compare two poems, "From Stone to Steel" by E.J. Pratt and "Overture" by F.R. Scott.

    "In conclusion, obviously, poets use different devices to decorate their poem. Both poems are really different from each other. One is dark and the other is light. They contrast a lot on this point. The poets use different devices to specify on certain important aspect of the poem. Page 1 of 4"

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