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The first thing I have chosen to talk about as something I hate most is adverts. Whether its adverts on the television or in a magazine, they are all greatly irritating and I think many people will agree with me. I am going to talk about tele advertisements.

Tele adverts are highly annoying and unwanted by everybody. For example, lets pretend you have just turned on the tele and have flicked onto an interesting movie. It’s a horror film, your favourite. Your getting really into the movie and enjoying it, the suspense is building up and your dying to know what’s going to happen. Your coming to the climax of the film, you cant wait to see what happens and your on the edge of your seat… and then the film stops and is replaced for 2 to 3 minutes of adverts. Your sense of excitement has disappeared immediately hasn’t it? When the film eventually appears back on your screen, you have lost the desire and excitement to watch the movie that you had just 3 minutes ago, and you are not the only one. Research shows a massive 91% of people agree with us, saying adverts ruin television programs, and a huge 79% of people asked said they wished advertisements were banned!

Join now!

So, what I wonder is why aren’t adverts getting stopped forever? Well, when asking around I’ve been told that some people wrongly think adverts are useful, saying they use this time either to go to the toilet or make a drink or snack. Well, when counting up the amount of advert breaks in-between an hour-long program I was watching yesterday, there was a massive 4 breaks interrupting it! No way do people need to get up and do these so-called useful things 4 times in an hour, which is every 15 minutes, which is ridiculous!

Furthermore, adverts are ...

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This is an interesting piece of writing where persuasive devices have been used effectively and to add to the purpose. The writer has begun to structure this very well, using paragraphs and linking them effectively. Varied sentence structures and openings are used effectively throughout. However it is important to double check work for silly mistakes; using 'you're' and 'your' correctly is important. The writer misses opportunities to be more creative and descriptive. Ambitious vocabulary is an important aspect of any GCSE mark scheme. Endings are as important as beginnings; they need to conclude effectively and leave the reader thinking about the piece. It would also be preferable if the beginning and ending linked in some way. ***