the laboratory, hitcher and education for leisure presents the theme of crime

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Using ‘The laboratory’, ‘Education for Leisure’ and ‘hitcher’, write about the theme of crime.

In the poems ‘The laboratory’, ‘Education for Leisure’ and ‘Hitcher’ the theme of crime is presented through the use of dramatic persona’s being criminals for various reasons.

        In the poem ‘The lab’, Browning uses a dramatic persona, which seems to be a potential murderer that is cruel and calculating. The evidence for this is in the line:

‘While they laugh, laugh at me, at me fled to the drear… I am here’

This also presents the driving power of revenge anger. The poem is written in first person to involve the reader by creating a sense that it’s suppose to be spoken to them. It also shows that the poem is written in present tense creating a sense of immediacy. The repetition of the word “laugh” shows the writers enthusiasm towards the reader’s perception of the speaker as emotionally distraught. The poem ‘Education for leisure’ also used a dramatic persona. This appears to be a murderer:

Join now!

‘Today I am going to kill something’

This demonstrates that the poem is written in present tense to give it a sense of danger, because crime could occur at any given moment. Similarly, in the poem ‘Hitcher’, a dramatic persons is used to convey a criminal that appears to have taken his anger out on a hitchhiker:

‘I let him have it’

The use of first person involves the reader creating the sense that the speaker is talking to you, which indicates that the speaker is being prompted with questions. Past tense in the sentence, suggests it could be a ...

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