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The title of Crabbed Age and Youth is important because it gives us an idea of Deloneys view of age

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Crabbed Age and Youth? is quite a self-explanatory poem. You wouldn?t really have to delve onto the poem too much to discover that it?s about a person who despises the effects of ageing, and as a consequence praises the youths. I would like to mention that no-one really knows who had written this poem, one poet who is also supposed to have written this poem is a man called Thomas Deloney, who died a year after ?crabbed age and youth? was written. Consequently it makes sense if he had composed this poem because the poet seems to be jealous of the youth or even have resentment towards youth altogether, due to the line ?Age I do abhor thee, Youth I do adore thee.?Also Shakespeare tended to write in iambic pentameter, which this poem is not. Therefore I will be saying that the poet is Deloney. Despite this if I interpret this poem to refer to the relationship between a child and parent, and then ultimately the poet who has written this is of no significance. Initially when you read this you can see that Deloney seems to have a stereotypical of view of those who are older. ...read more.


are happy mothers made?, to which Capulet answers by saying that young mothers are ?too soon marr?d?. By defending his and his daughter?s actions, shows him to be a protective father. There is no doubt that along the path of parenthood there will be clashes between a parent and child, of which the child or parent feels that they ?cannot live together?, due to different factors, the most prominent of which is a severe clash of opinions. We know not to take the line ?cannot live together? literally, because Deloney is talking about the two opinions of the youth and the old and how they are so severely differentiated, almost contradictory. I translate this stanza to mean that the two opinions are so contradictory that neither can win the argument. I can refer this to the poem ?Catrin?, in which Gillian Clarke talks about a ?red rope of love? which represents the bond that a parent and child have. To demonstrate how contradictory these 2 opinions are, Deloney offers us a variety of antithesis, such as ?Youth like summer? Age like winter?, ?Youth is hot? Age is...Cold?. The roles in this parent child relationship are clear to us; Capulet even tells us that he thinks of Juliet as a ?whining mammet?. ...read more.


for more independence, by asking them to, to blatantly put it, go away. The word ?sweet? here makes the plea of independence seem desperate, because it seems as if the child is trying to compliment and flatter the parent)s) into letting them become more independent, which is quite cunning. We can compare this to ?Catrin?, in which Gillian says her daughter looks innocent, yet has a ?Defiant glare.? This ?defiant glare? shows how her daughter is no longer obedient and is starting to want more independence. The word ?defiant? makes the mood seem quite hostile, because it seems as if the daughter is challenging her mother, being confrontational and quite openly disobedient. The words ?defiant glare? makes me feel quite uneasy and as if the daughter has done something terribly wrong just by asking if she ?may skate?. For one more hour?. We could also compare this to ?Follower? in which the boy?s father is ?mapping the furrow exactly?, and so we can that the father is a perfectionist and perhaps controlling due to the word ?mapping?. He is carefully thinking about what he is about to do and so controlling the situation. We could also interpret this to mean that the father is guiding the boy to become a ploughman just as his father is. ...read more.

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