Delimiting the Central Business district in Chippenham

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Delimiting the Central Business district in Chippenham

Our aim is to find out if there is a CBD in Chippenham and if so where it is located.


A CBD is a central business district.  This is the place where the majority of office blocks are and a large amount of comparison shops and shopping outlets. Also a factor that shows is that the land rent is high leading to the land being used to its full potential.

I predict that there are several places in chippenham that could be possible CBD’s. These are as follows:

  • In the upper part of the town near to the station
  • In the central high street
  • On the outskirts of town located in the bumpers farm industrial estate.

Out of these I believe that the high street and the centre of the town are most likely to show characteristics of a CBD.


How we can delimit the CBD of chippenham

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In order to find out where the CBD of chippenham is we are going to have to do one or two of several things.  We will use the things that CBD’s have in common and test chippenham to find where these things are most prominent (where the CBD will be).  Some of the test that we can use will be:

  • Finding where the pedestrian density is the highest
  • Where the larger frontages of the shops are
  • Where there are a higher amount of fast food restaurants and cafes
  • We could use the nearest neighbour analysis on the shops
  • We ...

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