Endangered Species. Animals need protection.

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Animals need protections

Animals are natural resources that people have wasted all through our history. Recently more and more animals have been killed by humans for their fur and feathers. On the one hand, people can make diverse products by killing animals, such as leather shoes and clothes. On the other hand, killing of animals may loss the balance of the ecosystem. In this essay, I’m going to describe three animal species that are almost disappeared in the world. Moreover, I firmly believe that all animals need protections from human being.

To begin with, O’ahu tree snail is an example of endangered specie around the world. There are about 40 species of O’ahu tree snail in Hawaii Island of O’ahu and all them are recognized as extinct species. To be specific, O’ahu tree snails live in trees and plants. Occasionally they have been discovered in  mountainous and moist forest regions which are above 1,300 ft. Interestingly, adult snails have both male and female reproductive organs, therefore these snails give birth to live snails instead of laying eggs. In addition, O’ahu snails have a incredible slow growth rate and due to their colourful, elaborate shells; they are frequently threatened by human and other predators. To illustrate, O’ahu snails are basically distinguished into three different characteristics by their patterns, color and shapes. They have been collected by natives as decorations. As a result, the number of O’ahu tree snail is getting less and less each year.

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Additionally, Orinoco crocodile is also one of the most endangered animals in the world. Its population is very tiny with an estimation of about 547 in the wild. They are mostly distributed in the Orinoco River basin and only can be found in freshwater environments. Orinoco crocodile is disappearing because of the over hunting by humans. For instance, these crocodiles are preying on fish as food in Colombia and Venezuela. Consequently, people there are annoyed by Orinoco crocodile’s predatory habitats and then start to slaughter and remove them. Thus, this specie is came very extinction due to the huge ...

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