London prepares for the Olympics

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London prepares for the Olympics

The photograph on the sheet was taken in early 2009 and presents a snapshot of the major development under way in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics.

In the foreground one can see Stratford east railway station where key transport developments are taking place. In the background are a number of Olympic construction projects, including the Westfield Shopping Mall.

In the past, the land shown in the photograph used to be mainly low industrial units, transport depots and railway sidings. It was relatively low-value land, which is one of the reasons that this site was chosen for the Olympics. The owners of the various industrial units have received support and compensation to enable them to relocate elsewhere.

  1. What is the evidence that major redevelopments are taking place?

It is evident that there is construction going on in the area, this can be seen particularly from the machinery but also because:

-the Westfield Shopping Mall can be seen in the background, still under construction.

- There are lots of buildings which can be seen in the background.

-there is a large sign which says ‘Everyone’s London 2012’ which suggests that the developments taking place are on a large scale to attract large amounts of people.

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  1. The development at the railway station is part of an overall plan to provide a top quality public transport infrastructure for the Olympic Games. What are the benefits of this approach to transport management?

-Well, the Olympic Games by nature are going to attract large amounts of people to come, and this is financially rewarding. However, public transport infrastructure must be carefully taken into consideration, because no matter how amazing the Olympic Games are, if people cannot reach there, then it may end up being a big problem (for example financially, if many people do not even ...

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