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ASHISH PATEL        07/05/2007



‘The role of women in Nazi Germany?’ what is it? In this essay I will explain to you what the role of women in Nazi Germany was all about and how Hitler came to power in Germany and made changes which affected what women did. Hitler made changes in the way people lived their lives. I will also use the sources to back up my answers. I will then decide if the Nazis believed men were better than women.

Adolf Hitler first came to power in Germany, January 1933 when he was made chancellor. After that, Hitler took control of the Reichstag. Hitler then introduced the enabling law which destroyed the Weimar constitution. It gave Hitler the power to pass any laws without asking the Reichstag and without the agreement of the president. This meant that Hitler could pass on any laws which can change how women live their lives in Nazi Germany.

Hitler did pass many laws which changed how women lived their lives. Source 2 shows the rules of how German women were meant to look. This was written from the league of German maidens.

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A German woman does not use make up!

A German woman does not smoke!

A German woman has a duty to keep herself fit and healthy!

These laws were passed to show how women, were wanted to be looked like by Hitler. However, some German women did not appreciate Hitler with his laws of not being able to wear make up and not allowed to be able to smoke. So now and then the laws were broken especially when Hitler encouraged women to marry, women wanted to look good so they put make up on and also died there hair ...

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