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Clare Wells

Client Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a major factor in any organisation. Every client in the organization is entitled to confidentiality.

When holding information about the client three factors must be taken into consideration these are:

  1. Seek the clients consent
  2. Collect information that is only relevant to the situation
  3. Keep the disclosure of the information to a minimum

A right was set up called the “data protection act”. It was set up to ensure the protection of peoples confidential information, and also states when the information can be used with out the clients consent. The act was set up in 1984 updated in 1998 because of technological advances. For example computer records were starting to be stored on computers.  Another act was also set up regarding confidentiality is act is called the “access to health records actthis act was set up in 1990. This act makes it a legal requirement that health and social care agencies keep clients details confidential.

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The data act allows clients to these rights:

  • To see what information is held about them and correct the information if necessary.
  • The right to refuse or give information.
  • The data stored must be correct and up to date.
  • The data must only be kept for as long as it is needed.
  • The information given should not be available to unauthorised people

For my work placement I went to St Marks Rainbows. Even though rainbows is only run for one hour per week confidentiality is paramount.

The guiding organisation holds information under explicit consent, this means that ...

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