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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3701

Powerpoint ICT

Extracts from this document...


Identify Statement of problem My teacher Miss McCay has asked me to create a presentation because before she used a flip chart and now she has got a computer she would like to use a computer aided design. Alternative Solutions 1. manual 2. Computer presentation software. Advantages and disadvantages 1. The advantages of a manual solution are that it is a lot cheaper and you do not need any hardware or software to use it. As it does not need a computer to run on it does not use any electricity. The disadvantages are that when you have finish with it you cannot get rid of it. If you run out of room then you have to buy a new manual solution or start to use a computer aided solution 2. The advantages of a computer aided system are that there is a lot of disk space to store writing power points or pictures. The disadvantages are that it is more expensive to run and you have to take longer to make. Objectives My objectives are that I will use computer presentation software and in it there will be: 1. a smart simple font 2. bright colours 3. many different colours 4. short words 5. animation between slides 6. sounds between slides` Analysis Software and hardware For this dilemma, I will be using computer presentation software. The most suitable software that I can use is Microsoft PowerPoint. I will be using PowerPoint, because it is designed for creating a power point and that is what I need to make. With this software I will be able to make action buttons, allowing the students to look at the presentation quickly, like an interactive word booklet, also in power point I can use logos, pictures and symbols etc, a weakness of a PowerPoint is that as it is saved onto a computer I could be deleted or not saved properly or the computer may crash and would lose all my work. ...read more.


Backup strategy I have a very reliable backup strategy that protects me from losing all my work. Firstly, when I finish work on the presentation, I will save it onto the computer I am working on. I will use this method both at home and at school. I will also save the work I have just finished onto my memory stick. I will also be putting it onto my memory stick because it is easy to be transported from home and to school and does not damage easily. With my presentation being saved onto 3 different places at any time. There is a very is a very small chance of losing any of my work. This provides me with security; so don't have to worrying about that not having my work saved. The school network system provides me with even more security, as does my computer at home. With the login status at home and at school. With this factor involved as well, there is a very small chance of someone deleting my work. I could also use a CD ROM To have my wok saved on to but they could become starched, which would delete my work also making it a less safe choice. I could also use floppy disk, but the disk can be corrupted very easily and floppy disks don't have much memory for saving work on to, using a memory stick is much better way of moving things from home to school. The only other way to back up my work is to send it via email from school to home and the other way round. However, with having to remember to attach files to an e-mail all the time, this method could become complicated and difficult, so this could also be a risky backup strategy but looking at all the possible options, I have decided to Save my work at school and put it onto my home computer's hard drive, by saving it onto my memory stick, because I will always have my memory stick on me, allowing me to access my work whenever I to. ...read more.


I looked at the first slide, and then at the other pages and saw how much difference the word art made. For this reason, for even further improvements, I could use word art for all my headings and sub title. This may increase the overall attractiveness of my presentation and impress the students even more. This will hopefully improve the ways in which years even are learning. Miss McCay St. Simon Stock Catholic School Oakwood Park Maidstone Kent England ME16 0JP Dear Guy, Thank you very much for power point presentation you have made for me. The students that will be used your presentation are very thankful that they had a great presentation to work from. The feed back that I have from my students is that it is a very good power point presentation and they were very please to work from it and they all enjoyed working from your presentation. What was good about your slide show was that all the slides follow the same layout; me and my students also enjoyed the animation of the pictures, hyperlinks and the title. The animation between the slides was enjoyable as well because of the animation it made the presentation a lot more fun to watch. I liked the fact that the titles and ext should out, and was very eye catching. This shows that you have put a lot of effect in to making your presentation look good, I liked this because it easier for my students to see the slide show a lot better. Some other features that I liked were that there were a lot of hyperlinks and it made the presentation interactive. This helped my students to interact with the lesson and they all enjoyed the presentation a lot more because of this feature. I liked the fact that you suck to your ordinal objectives. The high level of work that went into the presentation was worth all the effect and it seamed that a high class look this is a great presentation and I hope to use it in the future. Thank you very much, Miss McCay ...read more.

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