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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3481

Using ICT for Communication, Data, Commerce and Entertainment

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´╗┐National OCR Unit8 AO1 Abdul Effect of ICT on the individual Internet Introduction: We use the internet for a lot of stuff one of the main use of internet is communicating with friends and families, internet makes it easy for the people in the community because people could receive news fast from the community, my family use the internet mostly for talking to family?s abroad and shopping online example on ebay.co.uk, amazon.co.uk. Internet There are number of ways the internet is used by me and in the community. This includes email, www, messenger, chat rooms. Internet Advantage: The Internet provides opportunities, and can be used for a variety of things. Some of the things that you can do via the Internet are: emailing, shopping, messenger and a lot more. On the internet you can share your files with other people for example I use the internet to send files to my dad on Hotmail drive, its fast and easy to use, internet sometimes makes thing fast and easy for people. The community use the internet to check the local news website, my family use the internet to do pay their bills for the gas on the British gas website. Disadvantage: The disadvantage use of the internet is one of the main one is pornography because children under 18 can access porn websites without registering or anything, and there is child porn on the internet, that?s why the internet is not always safe for children they can access any website they want once they are on the net. Another disadvantage of the internet is that your personal details can be obtains in the wrong hand of people, because when you shopping on e-commerce website a hacker could gain access and could steal the data of website. And another disadvantage of internet is email spamming because you can receive a fake email form spammer and you can open the attachment then you will get a virus from the attachment. ...read more.


It will not be a surprised if this technology will become the most popular means of communication in this area because of the many advantages of video conferencing can offer. Disadvantage: The disadvantage of video conferencing is it can be slow when you talking to people abroad because they are far away and they might have poor internet connection and it will be difficult to speak to them and see them moving. Also if people use the phone to do video conferencing it will be expensive and some people can?t afford to that, video conferencing does not work on every technology example like not all phone support video conferencing for some reason, but most phone are out now support video conferencing. Information points: Advantage: Information points is very good for community because you can see what the community are doing and also it give information?s, directions for tourist, I use information points to see what the community up to, my family use the information points when they go different city of community?s so they can look and it give them guide and information about the place. Disadvantage: The disadvantage of information points is some times it can be out dated and it need to be updated, the electronic information points some times don?t even work. They have only one information points in some places that can be annoying because other people have to wait to see it. Entertainment We are going to be looking at Entertainment on people and community, this includes games console, MP3 player, digital TV. 21st century you can entertain your self by a lot of ways one of the best ways is playing video games. Games console: Advantage: Games console is best way to entertain with friends and family, because you play other people and it makes it more fun when playing with others, games console are easy to play with because the controller is wireless it don?t have wire. ...read more.


when they selling on eBay they use transactions, when a customer buys from my family they send the money using Paypal is another example website of finical transactions, community?s use finical transactions to pay the bill or employers receive there payment. Automatic teller machine (ATM): ATM is knows as cash machine, if you have debit card or credit card you can cash your money out from ATM instead of going bank is easy and fast to use, I use ATM when I need money to buy something or when I want to check my credit card balance, my family use ATM when we going shopping so we could pay by cash and pay me when I need money. Community?s use ATM same as how everyone else does. EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale): EPOS is a system scans bar code, its mainly used in retailers at the cash till, it scan the cost of the price of the system and it gives the price on the computer system, I use EPOS when I go to the local supermarket to buy something and they scan my product and give me the price of the product, my family use EPOS when they are shopping for example in a big supermarket like TESCO, and they have to use EPOS by them self to scan there products and pay, community?s us EPOS in every shop because is fast and easy to use for everyone and to understand. Smart card: Smart card can be credit card another stuff example like when you go on London underground you can get smart card to use, whenever you use it takes money out from your balance, same as credit card, also smart card comes in with little chip on it that have your data on. My family use smart card when they are paying for a hotel and they use their credit card, because it?s easy and fast, community?s use smart card example old people in the bus can now use smart card. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This document gives a very thorough list of examples of ICT available to individuals and communities. The structure of the document is consistent with definitions followed by advantages and disadvantages. The writer clearly appreciates the technology available has a lot of uses for people and has used their personal experience to help with the content of the writing.
When you read the document from beginning to end the content of each sections seems to thin out in terms of the range of examples - there are a lot of similar examples used and this gives the impression of limited knowledge. The higher mark ranges can be accessed just as well by stating an advantage and then saying "for example

Marked by teacher Ad Son 12/01/2012

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