Influence of ICT on communication

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In the information age, communication has become easier than ever. For example, it is now possible to contact someone on the other side of the world, even in remotest of places using email, mobile phones, social networking sites, video conferencing etc. We can now share our thoughts with the world using blogs, forums, emails, social networking sites etc. It is now possible to contact with old friends, make new friends, share ideas and communicate with people of similar interest using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, You Tube etc. We can take full advantage of blogs and forums by participating in various conversations on many topics and get help from others on many subjects. The easiest and more traditional form of online communication is email which can be used for sending and receiving mails from one or more person. Instant massaging is a way of communicating in the real time, though the most realistic way of communication is video conferencing or video chat that allows the participants to see each other and listen to each other that   make chatting and holding conversation more lively and interactive. With the introduction of smart phones, it is now a lot easier to use communication services such as video chat, instant messaging, social networking and other applications on the go. Due to the global use of internet and mobile phones, it is possible to connect to the world using social networks like never before. We can share our thought on anything from the personal thoughts on an upcoming movie to views on a gadget to comment on an international crisis and share it with people around the world with similar interest. We can capture happy moments on camera or video camera and upload it to social networking sites such as Pinterest that allows sharing photos and on You tube that allows us to upload and watch and share videos with the world. It is possible to share our thoughts on specialist blogs and forums and receive feedbacks from the community. Instant massaging, video chat and video conferencing can be used to connect instantly with people living abroad and with smart phones; it is possible to connect anywhere and anytime, connecting everyone.

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 The possibilities of the uses of social networking and other online communication services are endless and we can use any or all of them to our advantage, but there are many disadvantages too. As it is possible to spread any news, rumor or any information quite easily, many false information , picture, video and rumors has been spread mainly using the social networking sites and other communication medium to harass, embarrass and intentionally or unintentionally attack people mentally and give false claims, especially  celebrities which caused many unhappy incidents.  Social networking sites collect much information about its users such as ...

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