Analyse the adverts for Estee Lauders Dazzling (advert 1) and Lynxs Reload (Advert 2). How effective are they at selling their products?

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Analyse the adverts for Estee Lauder’s ‘Dazzling’ (advert 1) and Lynx’s ‘Reload’ (Advert 2). How effective are they at selling their products?

The two adverts, Estee Lauder’s ‘Dazzling’ and Lynx’s ‘Reload’ appeal to different audiences. Dazzling is a women’s perfume, targeted towards women and girls, aged 15-25. These women could be aspiring celebrities who love to be the centre of attention, single, feminine and of an age when dating and marriage is an important part of their life. Reload is a men’s shower gel, aimed towards men and boys, aged between 14-21, who would aspire to be the stereotypical adult alpha male; sporty, good with the girls, popular.

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Dazzling is set at a fancy ball, a glamorous black tie event where the main subject, the actress Elizabeth Hurley, is smiling a dazzling smile, wearing a dazzlingly white dress which reflects the product name. It is a medium long shot, at slightly below eye level, which is very subtle, hinting that only when you buy it will you be of equal stance to those who already have it. The composition of the frame is busy, emphasising that although it is a full room, the attention is always on the main subject. It is shot indoors, with soft neutral lighting and ...

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