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Analyse the adverts for Very Hollywood by Michael Kors and Spark by Liz Claiborne. How effective are they in selling their products?

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My advert analysis Analyse the adverts for ?Very Hollywood? by Michael Kors and ?Spark? by Liz Claiborne. How effective are they in selling their products? The two adverts I am analysing are ?Very Hollywood? by Michael Kors and Liz Claiborne?s ?Spark?. Michael Kors? ?Very Hollywood? uses a variation of denotations and connotations. It is framed in a long, two shot of model Carmen Kass and another male model in the position of her partner. This shot connotes that both the background and foreground are important in the advert. The soft warm colours and high key lighting signify happiness, glamour and positivity. Carmen Kass is the centre of attention with a pack shot of the product in the bottom right corner. ...read more.


The target audience of this advert is women between 25 -35 and the secondary target audience could be the partners of these women. This is because they would be the ones aspiring to a celebrity lifestyle. Furthermore the model is around that age. The advert draws on the target audience?s desires of a perfect world emphasising the fact that if you don?t get the product you will not have a celebrity lifestyle. This advert is full of happiness and establishes passion for the product. With a mixture of presentational and psychological techniques Liz Claiborne?s ?Spark? is a romantic advert compared to ?Very Hollywood?. This medium ? close up, two shot has many similarities and differences to ?Very Hollywood?. ...read more.


The female model is the focal image with the male model on side view. The target audience is males and females between 20 -28. This is because romance and love is something the audiences would want to build and have. They can buy the perfume for each other, then as the slogan says ?and just like that ... it begins?. The advert draws on the target audiences desires and stereotypes. The advert makes the audience fear that by not getting the product they will fail in their love life. To conclude, I think the ?Very Hollywood? by Michael Kors advert is the most effective. The advert is simple and straightforward. The background and foreground appeal to the audience?s desires and stereotypes of a perfect life. The product and meaning behind it has been very carefully thought about. Furthermore, the product is professional and classy. ...read more.

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