CA3 Evaluation. Our brief said to produce an extended trailer as a taster for a new series.

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Our brief said to produce an extended trailer as a ‘taster’ for a new series. Nathalie, Alexander, Alex and I produced a trailer of the sitcom genre, with the sub-genre being Twins. Our show is called Tom&Harry and is made to be aired on Disney Channel UK. It’s a family based drama about the Noden family and their teenage twins with completely different personalities. To ensure our trailer promotes the brand well, we made bright and colourful graphics; the red and blue Tom&Harry logo draws in the audience of 9-12 year old British boys and girls and fits the channel. Our key aim is to meet the needs of the audience.

The conventions of Disney trailers include shots with lots of different framing. To follow this convention, we established our setting in a similar way to Violetta; by having a VLS opening shot of the main character waking through the door. Shots 2-8 are promo shots of the family to introduce characters and we used MS to show their clothing and some of the background, like in Violetta, while shots 9-10 are MCU of the characters talking. Using different shot types fits well with the montage style editing which is another Disney convention. The typical structure we followed includes promo shots at the beginning, action clips in the middle, information and logos before a final comedy shot. An example of a comedy shot is in the Liv&Maddie trailer where Joey and Parker randomly say ‘Vegas? Vegas!’ and from our trailer in shot 27 a MLS where Tom yawns ‘What?’ Our soundtrack followed convention with fast paced music, Good Feeling, to create a cheerful atmosphere.

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On the Disney Channel, main characters are often represented as contrasting characters, such as Zach and Cody in The Suite Life on Deck and Tom and Harry, who are polar opposites. Usually, girls are main characters with boy sidekicks, like Teddy in Good Luck Charlie. We challenged this with two main male characters, appealing to the male audience. Ethnicity-wise, the main characters are usually Caucasian and supporting characters are often of ethnic minorities, like Ivy in Good Luck Charlie is African American and Harry’s friend is Asian in shot 24. Main characters are teenagers aged between 13 and 18: Austin ...

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