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Are Science and Religion Compatible over the question of how the universe began?

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Are Science and Religion Compatible over the Question of how the Universe Began? Science and religion have disagreed for centuries over the question of how the universe began. Science and religion can theoretically coincide - literally that they can exist together - if the people allow them to by support of their theories; however the two views contradict each other to an extent that they cannot both be viable. Much of science and religion are based on human interpretation: whatever science proves needs to be accepted by the public, and whatever religions preach needs too to be believed and accepted by the people. The Abrahamic idea of God (for the sake of this argument, a part of religion) and scientific theory can seem to disprove each other (God too is a theory): the Big Bang theory clearly disproves the Creation Story, and intelligent design in nature can be understood to disprove the theory that there is no God. However, both of these examples, similar to many others, are theories, based on human perception and interpretation. ...read more.


Theoretically, it is possible for science and religion to 'side-by-side', but this has been proven not to work for a very long period of time, and the conflict rate can only increase according to human nature. Scientific breakthroughs have already disproved much of ancient religion - for example, the Creation Story in Christianity had been accepted by Christians and Jews (and Muslims?) for almost two millenniums before the Big Bang theory surfaced, generating much more support than the Creation Story had and leaving the theory of the Creation Story largely unpopular. Whereas science and knowledge of science is constantly growing and developing, most aspects of religion are being overridden and contradicted, and increasingly so. Conflict between science and religion can be eased if all aspects of religion are not taken literally. The Order of Creation in the Creation Story describes the universe, according to the Bible, to have come into existence in seven days, which in itself has been disproven by science. An aspect of religion which can also be explored is that not all aspects of religion and religious theory are absolute. ...read more.


Religion and science, however, deliver contrasting theories of how the universe came into existence, so they cannot, if taken literally, be compatible in the perception of a single subject. Evidence from previous observations of human perception can suggest that support of scientific theorems of the question may completely or almost completely abolish religious theorems with increased scientific breakthroughs. Similar to the disproving of the Creation Story by the Big Bang theory, other aspects of the beginning of the universe from religious perspectives may too be disproved in the future by more viable scientific theorems and breakthroughs, crushing religious theories. Human nature can also prove that science and religion are not compatible because people in society do not generally show support for philosophical arguments and perspectives different from their own. Although this is in the least a weak and prejudiced argument, it can still prove to be true in many cases. Science and religion are not compatible over the question of how the universe began because religious and scientific arguments contradict each other and human nature can prevent science and religion existing 'side-by-side' without physical conflict. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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