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GCSE: Abortion and other medical issues

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  1. RE - Life after Death

    These beliefs are based on the teachings of the Tenakh and the Talmud and the Thirteen Principles. Some Jews believe that there is a spirit world into which all souls will go immediately after death. They believe that God would not allow death to be the end, and cannot accept the idea of the Last Day and recreation of the Earth. All Jews believe that what happens to people when they die is determined by how they have lived this life. So jews are expected to make a death-bed confession is possible and there is a special prayver in the Jewish Prayer Book for people to say if they know they are dying.

    • Word count: 861
  2. Free essay

    abortion coursework

    An abortion is usually used as a means emergency contraception. "Abortion" can refer to an induced procedure at any point during pregnancy; it's a miscarriage or induced termination before the point of viability. The abortion debate asks whether it can be morally right to terminate a pregnancy before normal childbirth. The abortion law: Some people think that abortion is always wrong, some think abortion is right when the mother's life is at risk, and others think that there is a range of circumstances where an abortion is morally acceptable.

    • Word count: 3772
  3. Abortion R.E

    Another reference is, 'you shall not murder.' This reference connotes that obviously you shouldn't murder but as Catholics are against abortion; this would come into effect as they believe abortion is murder, that they are disobeying God by putting this commandment into the opposite practice by killing the child within their womb. The Catholic Church believes that abortion is bad in every way, shape and form and under any circumstances! They believe that every unborn child is worthy of having a right to life.

    • Word count: 1371
  4. Religion and Medical Issues

    * In-vitro-fertilisation (IVF) * Artificial Insemination by husband (AIH) * Artificial Insemination by donor (AID) * Egg Donation * Embryo donation * Surrogacy In-vitro-fertilisation, the eggs are gathered from the woman's ovaries and mixed with the man's sperm in a dish in the laboratory, after this procedure has been done and the egg has been fertilised, the fertilised egg is placed back into the mother's womb. Artificial Insemination by the husband is when the warmed prepared sperm is introduced into the woman's uterus at around the time of ovulation, with the aim of getting the sperm nearer to the egg.

    • Word count: 1606
  5. religious studies abortion coursework:SECTION A

    This involves dilating the cervix and delivering the legs and torso of the baby. The head stays in the womb. The abortionist pierces the head and the contents of the skull are vacuumed out before the corpse is removed. One other method, which is very controversial, is saline abortion. This involves replacing amniotic fluid around the baby with a concentrated salt solution. This poisons the foetus and this results in a miscarriage. This is banned in Japan and Sweden. A hysterotomy is another method which is used.

    • Word count: 1616
  6. religious studies abortion coursework:SECTION B

    Demonstrations can get the publics attention and help to stop abortion if pressure is put on the government. Christians who believe in choice may demonstrate for the suffering of mothers who choose to undergo abortions. There are many ways in which a Christian could make his or her views known to the government. They could write a letter to their local MP. Most Christians are not happy that the point of viability is twenty four weeks, because they believe that it is very much alive. A Christian may sign a petition to send to the government or local council stating their opinions about abortion.

    • Word count: 906
  7. religious studies abortion coursework:SECTION C

    These include the idea that it is a woman's right to do with her body as she pleases. Many people see a foetus as simply another part of the woman's body. This is one of the main arguments for abortion. Another is that if the woman's life is in danger then it is for the best to abort the baby. An adult female is a fully grown recognisable human being whereas a foetus is not fully developed so it is more important that the woman goes on living. The unborn child has had no experience of life and is free of sin. This would mean that the unborn child would be pretty much guaranteed a place in heaven.

    • Word count: 1362
  8. GCSE Religion Abortion Coursework

    b. Any of various procedures that result in such termination and expulsion. Also called induced abortion. When does human life begin? Well, the bible states - "When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting the baby moved within her... And (she) said 'for as soon as I heard your greeting, the baby within me jumped with gladness."1 But who really 'owns' the child? Religious scholars maintain that the child is belonging to God. For the bible quotes - "God created man in the image of himself, In the image of God he created him, Male and female he created them."2 This clearly states that as God created mankind, he is the only one who has right over it.

    • Word count: 1099
  9. Is Abortion Never justified?

    They think that every life is sacred. People should not murder (Exodus 20:13) and life begins at the moment of conception (CCC2270). They agree with the Church teachings of abortion and they also believe that abortion should not take place in any circumstances. For Pro-choice, they have mentioned that we should put the women's right into first priority. Some think that while the babies are growing, they don't have the same value as human beings.

    • Word count: 410
  10. What is meant by the word Abortion

    The new law is called the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act; it need two registered doctors had examined the woman and agreed that an abortion could be legally carried out; the abortion has been carried out before "the time of viability"; the continuation of the pregnancy would involve risk greater to the physical or mental health of the mother or any child within her family than if the pregnancy was terminated; a termination was necessary to prevent permanent injury to the body or mind of the mother and there was a real risk that the baby would be born mentally or physically handicapped.

    • Word count: 815
  11. What Christians believe about life is up to them. They should not try to make others accept their position Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing you have considered more than one point of view.

    legal in some countries does not mean it is right and everyone deserves to know the other options and it is good to listen to other beliefs and views as it makes people aware of all the possibilities. As all Christians try to reflect what Jesus taught and did in their everyday lives. They believe in the commandments and would quote "Thou shall not kill" when abortion and euthanasia is in mind. At the end of Mass Roman Catholics are told, "Go love and serve the Lord" which is what they think.

    • Word count: 982
  12. Faced with the issues of abortion and euthanasia, explain the different ways in which Christians respond.

    Other Christians refuse this reason as the foetus is growing into a baby. If someone would define the word 'alive' they would realise that it means this being is growing, developing, maturing and replacing its own dying cells. It means not being dead. Moreover, the unborn baby is distinct from the mother right from the beginning-at conception. The zygote, or "fertilized egg", directs the pregnancy by establishing a placenta, organising their own developing tissues and organs eventually deciding on the timing of the birth.

    • Word count: 1110
  13. Only God has the right to interfere with our genes. Do you agree?

    Recently cloning procedures have been used to grow healthy cells to replace the malfunctioning ones. This process involves creating stem cells either from embryos or from bone marrow or blood. Because of the use of embryos, this form of stem cell research was illegal until February 2001, when new government legislation was passed, because it went against the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act of 1990. Some people are against the continuing progress of genetic engineering because there's almost no information of the long term consequences.

    • Word count: 1020
  14. Religion and Medical Ethics

    and was a result of 10 years of research by Dr R.G. Edwards who said, "a society that permitted eugenic abortion could hardly object to IVF which was trying to 'create life'." IVF is one of the only infertility treatments that can be used if both the husband and wife have fertility problems, such as damaged fallopian tubes or a low sperm count, and is often the only way these couples can have biological children. It is also the only treatment that lets women with the inability to conceive bare and give birth to their child.

    • Word count: 1162
  15. Abortion is murder.

    The Church of England believes the same as me, the Catholic Church say it is wrong at all times to have an abortion. But the Catholic church don't mention it being ok if the mother has been raped, which I believe is unfair because why would somebody want their rapists child who has caused a lot of trauma in their life. If the mother does have the r****t's child, this shows great courage. The Church of England say it is ok to have an abortion if you have been raped or the child has been seriously deformed.

    • Word count: 834
  16. Are Designer Babies Wrong?

    It is the second technique that creates the most discontent with religion, and moral views, due to their being a selection of embryos, which to some people are human beings, and therefore scientists are playing God, by only allowing healthy embryos to be implanted. Is this wrong, or should the needs of the parents, and the child's quality of life be taken into consideration? The Actual Process of Creating a 'Designer Baby' As I have mentioned before there are the two traditional ways to create a ' designer baby' although new and more scientific- involved methods have been suggested, which I will explain further on.

    • Word count: 3080
  17. Free essay

    Aiii Transplant Surgery

    There is losts of poverty in the world and some people take advantage of that by exploiting people who are willing to sell organs for money, also this can happen if a person has been on a transplant waiting list for so long they then try and buy organs on the internet . This is seen as exploiting the poor and people in desperate need, which is banned in the Bible, Torah, and Tenakh. Christianity most of the time disagrees with transplant surgery because one of the Ten Commandments is to 'Love thy neighbour', which some christians could take that

    • Word count: 784
  18. Abortion 'c' part

    Furthermore, occasionally a foetus has an abnormality that can be seen in a scan. This is when I think the women should be given the choice to abort the baby because if the pregnancy did go ahead, and the baby was born with a deficiency it may not be able to lead a life that a normal person could experience. Therefore by aborting the foetus it would show real love by stopping the child from suffering and wishing it was normal.

    • Word count: 618
  19. "Abortion is never justified". Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer & show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to Christianity in your answer.

    "Be fertile and multiply" (Genesis 1:28). "Truly children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward" (Psalm 127:3). Some Christians may also argue that other people do not have the gift of children. God intended you to and if you deny that right by terminating the "Fruit of the womb" then not only is it a waste of something other people cannot have and want, you are also insulting God by abusing the gift he gave you.

    • Word count: 1363
  20. Aii] What biblical and church teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion?

    The story of the Good Samaritan is about how two people from two different rival religions meet, one is lying injured in the road while the other helps him, despite their differences. Both these stories show agape and have a lot of moral issues Christians can learn from. Christians put agape into action by dissuading women to have abortions to show love and care to the unborn child and to help them cope if they get depressed or cannot cope.

    • Word count: 2419
  21. B] Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action.

    Similarly if a Christian could vote for someone who wants to make abortion more available. Some Christians may take part/organise protests, both for and against abortion. In a protest for abortion Christians may raise the issue of the suffering of women and unwanted children, who are suffering because the mother decided against abortion maybe after being dissuaded. Christians who are for abortion may argue that God gave human free will. Therefore wanted us to live our lives as we want. They could offer support and advice to women recovering from abortion. By showing agape they could help the women cope with the after effects of abortion.

    • Word count: 1356
  22. Faced with the issues of Abortion and Euthanasia, explain how a Christian would respond.

    It teaches that "human life is sacred" (Pope Paul VI) and it must be protected, cherished and treated with reverence. The Catholic Church believes that God gave life and only God can take it away, so if a human was to take a life it would be an unjustifiable sin. Their belief is that life begins at the moment of conception and therefore, inducing abortion is equal to murder, which is going against God's word and his fifth commandment, "Thou shalt not kill". The Church of England's teaching is similar but not the same. Their view on abortion is that "the life of the foetus has to be protected.

    • Word count: 600
  23. Describe the treatments available to help infertile couples to have childrenDescribe the treatments available to help infertile couples to have children

    is the impregnating of the women by inserting sperm into the women's womb (intrauterine), or the cervix (intracervical) using artificial means, and does not involve the s*x act. Sperm can be used from the husband (artificial insemination by husband, AIH) or from a donor (artificial insemination by donor, AID), and is inserted into the female's v****a or uterus when an ovum is released. If the procedure is successful then she has conceived and carries on the pregnancy as normal. Surrogacy is the agreement of an impregnated woman giving birth to a child for another couple to raise. The most traditional means of surrogacy is where the pregnant woman is the genetic mother of he child she is carrying, and hands the child over after birth.

    • Word count: 2989
  24. Describe Christian teaching about abortion.

    If the woman really cannot cope with a baby then they are encouraged to put it up for adoption. The Salvation Army also believes that life is sacred from the moment of conception. But it does acknowledge that abortion should be allowed in certain circumstances, such as where the mother's life is in danger or if the baby will end up being severely abnormal and cannot survive for more than a few days. The United Reformed Church suggests that there is a difference between a foetus that is almost ready to be born and the early stages of pregnancy.

    • Word count: 690
  25. The Christian View Of Abortion

    Christians oppose the deliberate killing of the unborn baby when the mother's life is not in danger. Some pregnant women or girls have their unborn babies killed because they do not want the responsibility of looking after their child. Or they think that if the child lives they will have to give up their career. Or they think it will be too expensive, too time-consuming, embarrassing. Or just too much trouble. So instead of allowing the baby to live and having it adopted out through a welfare agency, they have an abortion, which kills their child.

    • Word count: 478

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