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GCSE: Abortion and other medical issues

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  1. An embryo is a person and has the right to live? Discuss

    "human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person - among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life." Also, the 6th commandment states that ?thou shalt not commit murder? and as the foetus is a person and has the right to life, killing it would be murder. However, there is one exception, which is called the law of double effect. This rule states that if lifesaving treatment is given to a pregnant woman, (e.g.

    • Word count: 1008
  2. Abortion is too easy - Do you agree?

    Aren?t efforts to make abortions more difficult to obtain a direct attack on the poor and working classes who can least afford to devote the time and money being demanded while technically and formally keeping abortion ?legal?? Abortions will always occur because the situation will always arise where someone has an unwanted pregnancy. Therefore if abortions were illegal or even more difficult to obtain, people might have to resort to having an abortion carried out on the ?black market?.

    • Word count: 516
  3. Should Creationism be taught in schools alongside Evolution?

    They are put together in the Garden of Eden. The story of creation is the most popular story as evolution does appears to remove the need for a God in the process of the creation of life.. People who are religious, (who believe in God) feel that they cannot believe the theory of evolution when it contradicts the story told by sources P and J. It does have some weaknesses though. It does not explain the presence of fossils or the geological evidence against this story. So called Creationists dismiss this because God may have ?panted? the rocks as a test of faith.

    • Word count: 781
  4. Muslim Views On Abortion.

    to become a living, breathing person. A foetus does not have human rights but people like to play the murder card even though abortion isn't legally defined as murder. Some people don't agree with abortion 100% but others are lax about their beliefs and believe that abortions should be legal and are morally correct in the case of r**e or if it's detrimental to the mother's health. Murder is still murder to these people but obviously, the rules can be changed for certain people. There's a lot of information that states abortion as murder and misinforms people of the side effects.

    • Word count: 854
  5. Christian views on abortion, IVF and animal research.

    When mankind was sent out of the Garden of Eden its supernatural endowments or bits (similitudo dei) were lost. However mans reason and free will, which were the non-supernatural bits (image dei), were not changed and therefore mankind still partially exists in God?s image. Abortion The Abortion Act in 1967 made it legal in Britain. The 1967 abortion Act says that an abortion may be performed legally if two or more doctors agree that: 1. The mental or physical health of the woman or her existing children will suffer if the pregnancy continues, OR 2.

    • Word count: 1737
  6. Fertility treatment - the Roman Catholic View.

    It is believed in the Roman Catholic Church that life begins at conception therefore any techniques aiding infertility must react appropriately and respect this opinion. As a result any artificial insemination or IVF treatments are acceptable, however once the egg and sperm have been fertilised it cannot be wasted or destroyed as this does not follow your religions belief that ?Life is God?s gift?.

    • Word count: 395
  7. Why Abortion is Morally Wrong

    Would the doctor be considered morally wrong if he/she let this child die because it has not reached the 40th week of gestation? Would it be considered murder if the doctor let the child die? The measure of being a person is making sure the fetus reaches ?age of viability? so are we to believe then that a baby born at 22 weeks gestation would not be considered a person because it cannot survive without life-saving efforts and the doctor would be ?morally? right to let the child die?

    • Word count: 1228
  8. Suffering is the Fault of Humans

    The same corruption exists today. Perhaps Gods is seeking to discipline humanity by making it suffer the consequences of sin in the world. St Paul states, For the wages of sin is death...? Romans 6:23. Death, or perhaps more accurately, the process or act of dying is the most extreme form of suffering. Once sin entered the world, as a result of our choices whether or not to commit evil, so did suffering and death, both physical and spiritual. Paul has written in Romans 5:12, ?through one man [Adam] sin entered into the world, and death through sin, so that

    • Word count: 1462
  9. Do Animals have Rights?

    Thalidomide, in the 1960's, is a classic example. A sedative, Thalidomide made it through trials with no apparent problems. No-one, however, thought to test how this drug would work if used by woman who was pregnant. It turns out; the way it worked was that it produced amazingly bizarre, heartbreaking birth defects. The testing wasn't flawed. No-one had a clue this would happen. But clearly it did. Long term testing on primate subjects would have been horrible, but very well might have uncovered this defect before hundreds of human babies were born with dreadful and incapacitating defects, almost all quickly fatal.

    • Word count: 643
  10. Views on abortion - Christians, George Bush and Al Gore

    Abortion is wrong BUT justifiable if there was a chance of greater harm to the mother, or if she had been raped. Christian?s For Free Choice (organization): Believe: Should be left to the woman?s conscience, which will be guided by God. The decision to continue a pregnancy should not be forced on the woman. George bush views on abortion Q: Would you try to overturn the FDA?s approval last week of the abortion pill RU-486?

    • Word count: 692
  11. Christian view on cloning

    If the cell accepts the new DNA, a duplicate embryo is formed. However, the embryo cell may reject the new DNA and die. Also, it is very possible that the embryo may not survive having the original genetic material removed from its nucleus. In many cases, when cloning is attempted, several embryos are used in order to increase the odds of a successful implantation of new genetic material. While it is possible for a duplicate creature to be created in this manner (for example, Dolly the sheep), the chances of successfully duplicating a creature without variations, and without complication, are extremely slim.

    • Word count: 512
  12. Christian views on medical research and embryos.

    1. On the other hand, other Christians such as Liberal Protestant Christians believe that at this early stage the embryo is just a potential human life, therefore using them for research will allow other human beings to receive benefits. Therefore they support the use of human embryos for therapeutic purposes, however they oppose other uses including any possible reproductive cloning. 1. In such cases many would agree that it would be illogical and obstructive to prevent scientists using human embryos for medical research but many others may disagree.

    • Word count: 529
  13. 'Abortion is always wrong'. Discuss

    Some women (and the fathers) will have guilty feelings more than 40 years later. The parents will always regret having an abortion. This can usually lead to much more serious things such as drugs and maybe even mental problems. Later in life some people lose their chance to get a baby due to cases of infertility will always look back on the moment they made that decision. ?Abortion is always wrong,? some people will agree with this statement because they say that the foetus has rights too, it just can?t voice its own opinion and that foetus is a living thing and it is still a human even if it does not look like one, so abortion would be murder.

    • Word count: 752

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