Violence is the only way to end disputes

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Violence is the only way to end disputes

There are miscellaneous beliefs on the uses of violence. The main Cristian view of war ethics is the doctrine of a Just War. Modern Christians often believe that wars should be avoided unless the conditions of a Just war are met.    An individual may believe that the standard of evidence and argument required to support a war may be hight that that of national leaders. Christianity is no longer, if it ever was, wholly against war. Some say that modern Christianity has a ‘presumption against war,’ but others say that it has a ‘presumption against injustice,’ thus the bias against war comes from the injustice that war can do. This view says that the aim of Christianity is to promote a world in which peace and justice flourish everywhere: war may sometimes be the tool needed to do this, and waging war may sometimes be a lesser injustice than allowing injustice to persist or tolerating the victimisation of innocent people.

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The Christian view of war has changes throughout the history of the faith. the early Church was strongly pacifist, however this changed rapidly within the time of Constantine, who fought with the ‘Chi Rho’ in the name of Christ. shortly after the doctrine of Just War was formulated. For many centuries Christians did not regard violence as inherently bad and this thinking uncovered the idea of holy wars, for example the 2 and Joshua and the battle of Jericho. These wars are seen as tools to rectify injustice and restore peace and justice. The military guidelines may also be just ...

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