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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  1. In the show The Hard Times of RJ Berger, we follow the life of the main character, RJ Berger. RJ is quite an unpopular student at Pinkerton High School, who is bullied by Max Owen and his other sports friends.

    life, both at home and at school. The episode gives us an overview of RJ's life through his eyes and occasionally we are given his thoughts as he narrates certain parts of the episode. The first episode begins as we get an introduction to RJ's life at home, where we meet his embarrassing mother. Next it moves into his life at school, where we are introduced to his two friends and get an introduction to some of the other characters in the film, such as Jenny Swanson, and Max Owen.

    • Word count: 2187
  2. Filosofia. Compare las siguientes expresiones y seale cual es la diferencia entre ellas: Hombre Justo, Ley Justa, Castigo Justo, Sociedad Justa. Seale despus que tienen en comn.

    Lo mismo que explica Plat�n, sucede en el Estado, debido a que cada clase social deb�a hacer lo que le correspond�a, a trav�s de su virtud propia. La justicia es el resultado entre el orden y la armon�a producida en el estado. Cultural: Los individuos de una sociedad se basan sobre lo bueno y lo malo, y aspectos pr�cticos de c�mo deben organizar las relaciones entre personas. En toda sociedad humana, la mayor�a de sus miembros tienen una concepci�n de lo justo, y se considera una virtud social el actuar de acuerdo con esa concepci�n.

    • Word count: 2640
  3. "Fiela's child" written by Dalene Matthees is a fictional book about a young white boy who is raised in a family of blacks for over nine years of his life. One day he is taken away to a family of whites which is supposed to be his real family. At first he

    When the gentlemen are about to leave to the next house, none other than Benjamin comes rushing around the corner to his mother, Fiela. At once the men realise that something is wrong and Fiela is forced to tell the story of how she found the boy crying on her doorstep nine years ago. One of the men suddenly remembers about a child going missing around nine years ago and straight away decides to take Benjamin to the village to see the magistrate.

    • Word count: 2003
  4. Zoos Are Animal Prisons That Violate Animal Ethics. The main motive of a proprietor in building a zoo is to establish a business that would generate him money. Unfortunately, this business involves the exploitation of animals.

    Because I was still puerile, I easily became peevish during that lengthy drive. To say the least, a few hours of being restrained in the car seat proved to be uncomfortably vexatious. Finally, we then arrived at our destination. I thrillingly stepped foot on zoo premises for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, within the first minute of my ingress inside the zoo, my grand expectations were immediately crushed when my eye caught two gloomily sober monkeys inside a cramped cage. Neither of them was dangling on the tree which was conveniently located in the center of their territory; instead, they just steadily stared at me like stoned statues mounted on soil.

    • Word count: 2102
  5. e - Marketing. Svaka tvrtka nastoji razvijati nove proizvode, to zbog zadovoljavanja elja i potreba kupaca, to zbog natjecanja s konkurencijom ili odranja i povećanja prodaje.

    Jedan od najvecih izazova marketing planiranja je razvijanje ideja za nove proizvode i njihovo uspje�no lansiranje. Kupci �ele nove proizvode, a konkurencija ce uciniti sve da ih �to je moguce prije opskrbi. Razvoj proizvoda mo�e se odvijati u dva osnovna oblika: poduzece mo�e provoditi vlastiti razvoj novog proizvoda, djelovanjem vlastitog odjela za istra�ivanje i razvoj ili poduzece mo�e kroz outsourcing / ugovor kojim se unajmljuju instituti, samostalni istra�ivaci, agencije za razvoj novog proizvoda. Samo 10% svih novih proizvoda cini zaista inovacijski ili potpuno novi proizvod. Takvi proizvodi ukljucuju najvi�e tro�kove i rizik, pa je aktivnost vecine tvrtki usmjerena na pobolj�anje postojecih proizvoda.

    • Word count: 2260
  6. Sr - Koreansk kristendom og buddhisme Den mest utbredte religionen i Sr Korea er den relativt nye, voksende kristne bevegelsen,

    Det grunnleggende prinsippet i (all)konfutsianisme er at alt i universet og naturen(dvs, alt inkludert mennesket, naturen osv.) er opprinnelig i balanse og godt. Mennesket er f�dt med evnen til b�de det gode og det onde, men det onde skyldes mangel p� innsikt. Man m� derfor oppdra mennesket til � f�lge og strebe etter dydighet og harmoni, � beherske f�lelsene. Fordi man ikke kan oppn� politisk orden og ro f�r mennesker har en moralsk orden og er i harmoni med seg selv.

    • Word count: 2502
  7. Rome's Army - El ejrcito romano fue uno de los ejrcitos ms poderosos de la historia. Esto se deba a que estaba en perfecta organizacin y cada uno saba su lugar.

    Los ciudadanos romanos pod�an convertirse en legionarios, mientras que los que no eran ciudadanos, pod�an ser soldados auxiliares. La unidad b�sica del ej�rcito era un grupo de ocho soldados comunes y corrientes llamado contubernio, que compart�an una tienda de campa�a. Hab�a diez contubernios en una centuria, seis centurias en una cohorte, y diez cohortes en una legi�n. La primera cohorte ten�a hombres adicionales en tareas administrativas y de apoyo, lo que significa que una legi�n estaba compuesta por aproximadamente 5.500 hombres.

    • Word count: 2423
  8. Beloved Prose Commentary

    The word 'missed' is used in an ambiguous way-this ambiguity possibly reflective of Sethe's enigmatic thoughts and her chaotic past-as it has multiple meanings; in this sentence it could mean that Sethe 'missed' colour in the sense that she failed to perceive it, in the sense that she failed to understand it, in the sense that she overlooked it, in the sense that she regretted its absence, or perhaps in the sense that she escaped or avoided it. Even the sentence itself is somewhat ambiguous in its comparison of Sethe's experiences of colour with those of Baby Suggs' (who spent

    • Word count: 2319
  9. Great Gatsby Journals

    showed up, this represents the carelessness of society. In turn, this quote exposes the characteristics of humanity and how society affected each individual. Gatsby's entire life was based on working his self up to a high level of social status so Daisy would fall back in love with him but he could not take this role in her life. Gatsby's life became about throwing extravagant parties and inviting the whole community over, where hundreds of people would attend. However, when Gatsby dies, nobody came to his funeral because society needed and wanted him for one thing, and that was Gatsby's money and of the other things that came with it.

    • Word count: 2144
  10. In what ways and to what effect, does Milton use comparison in Paradise Lost Book II?

    With this description, it's clear to see that Sin is an allegory of Eve because Eve is also beautiful and "fair" on the outside, but deep inside is evil and tempted by a "serpent", even if she is not composed of one. Also, Sin explains how she was seduced by Satan, and as a result of their fornication, conceive Death. She then explains how Death raped her "...in embraces forcible and foul" (II.793) and created monsters that are "hourly conceived And hourly born, with sorrow infinite To me;" (II.797-99)

    • Word count: 2148
  11. Lord Of the Flies: Progression of Evil

    In the beginning of the novel, Jack is introduced as a poised, strong willed young boy who asserts himself as a natural leader, and seemingly loves to exert his superiority upon others, who according to his ego are of less value and importance. This extreme confidence derives from him being accustomed to leadership roles, and the resulting power that comes with it. "I ought to be chief...I am chapter chorister and head boy" (Golding/18) is Jacks response to when the boys reach a consensus on the fact that they need a leader to organize and establish order.

    • Word count: 2080
  12. Compare how the Poet uses Poetic Devices and Imagery to create vivid Descriptions about Relationship/Love in Anne Hathaway and Demeter which are from the Worlds Wife Collection, written by Carol Ann Duffy

    The rhyme scheme in a Shakespearean sonnet is ABABCDCDEFEF GG, Carol Ann Duffy does not follow this convention of rhyme scheme, and this might be because she wants to produce a change and not keep it completely the same as William Shakespeare. Background of 'Demeter' The collection of 'The World's Wife' ends with 'Demeter' - a poem which significantly celebrates an emotionally redemptive connection between two women - a mother and her daughter. The poem revisits the myth of the Greek Goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone and explores the isolating privacy of mourning.

    • Word count: 2285
  13. Ne nous vraiment exist

    Je veux dire que nous sommes ici, n'est-ce pas? Vivre, respirer, manger, et vaquer � nos occupations quotidiennes. Pourquoi ne pas exister? Pour penser le contraire semble presque un peu ridicule � premi�re vue, et il n'est pas jusqu'� ce que vous pouvez mettre les choses en perspective qu'il commence � faire sens un peu plus. Un des plus grands promoteurs � comprendre si nous avons r�ellement exister ou pas, c'est la loi de l'attraction. Vous n'avez pas � �tre un disciple incroyablement grand de la loi d'attraction, mais de comprendre comment il fonctionne permet de mettre beaucoup de choses en perspective.

    • Word count: 2211
  14. Under age Binge Drinking In Wales

    Data relating to across Wales from the 'Health behaviour in School aged children survey' found 7% of 11 year old boys in Wales were drinking alcohol on a weekly basis. It also found that Wales had the highest proportion of 15 year old boys drinking with almost 60% drinking weekly - Importantly Pembrokeshire was one of the highest counties in Wales. From my experience it seems a fairly common practice in my age group sometimes the aim when going out is to get drunk while at other times the drinking to excess is not pre-planned.

    • Word count: 2463
  15. A Comparison between An African Sermon and Roman Fever-

    "The old man looked worried, and when the train started to move he said, 'I hope there won't be any blacks in this compartment.'" During the beginning ages of the post-apartheid South Africa, everybody has just begun to accept the fact that the whites and blacks of the country live together as one, instead of segregated like they used to be. The isolation of the blacks made the whites feel more superior because they believed that they are 'bad people'.

    • Word count: 2353
  16. Macbeth Essay

    If this path began with evil it will continue and leave in its wake a melee of destructive capability. This was manifest in William Shakespeare's theatric tragedy "Macbeth". The Thane of Glamis was no p**n of fate, yet he chose to yield to evil and because of this he became possessed by it. His diablerie flourished and was not subdued; it forced him to carry out depraved acts of malice. Macbeth's irrepressible vileness eventually led to his demise and exposes the effects of a series of malicious defiance's.

    • Word count: 2085
  17. Chili Report - choosing a chili for a cook off competition. History and different types of chili.

    This is an example how chili started its evolution from a peasant dish to a cultural phenomenon. In the 1920s; "chili parlors or "chili joints" (which originated in Texas) were opening across America" (4). Chili provided a meal and a way for men and women among different classes to develop a mutual understanding for one another; "Chili parlors not only served cheap bowls of chili but also became gathering places for men from various parts of the community, as the eating of chili expanded across social, economic and ethnic lines"(5).

    • Word count: 2014
    • Word count: 2000
  18. Doestoevsky's Crime and Punishment Chapter Analysis- Chpt 5 Part 3

    to explain parts on his theory in more details which he does * He essence of Raskolnikov's theory about crime as he presents it involves the duties and obligations of a class of people classified as the ordinary people as contrasted with the extraordinary people. * He outlines that the perpetration of a crime is always accompanied by illness * Either the illness causes the crime to be committed or else committing the crime causes one to become ill * All men are divided into ordinary or Extraordinary * Ordinary men have to live in submission and have no right

    • Word count: 2457
  19. William Shakespeare Macbeth

    Already, even before the witches started to speak, we understand that there is something not quite normal about the three characters on stage, and that they are quite dark and things to be feared, because they appear in "thunder and lightning." The mysterious witches in their dark and gloomy atmosphere set the mood of the play, making the reader aware that the rest of the events to come will be sinister and frightening. The First Witch asks, "When shall we three meet again?

    • Word count: 2046
  20. The Visitor

    The cottage stands "as if anticipating the approach of an intruder." This anticipation only emphasises the loneliness of the cottage more, because it shows that the cottage is not used to having people visiting it, so that a visitor is called an "intruder". However, this anticipation also foreshadows the visits of the little girl that are to come in the story. In the second paragraph, we are introduced to the main character of the story, McGill. He is the only character to be given an identity of a name. We find him "lying on an old coat he had found the previous day."

    • Word count: 2185
  21. Comments on Emily Dickinson Poems

    Since then 'tis centuries[R48], and yet each Feels shorter than the day[R49] I first surmised the horses' heads Were toward eternity. [R50] COMMENTS: This poem, although longer than the previous does have a lot of meaning but in my opinion it is fairly straight forward and may not have as much depth as "Come Slowly- Eden". This is because there is more of a message in the first poem, in which we learn a novice cannot achieve paradise too quickly, whilst the second poem considers something that is more personal to the author and perhaps harder to relate to for the general public.

    • Word count: 2031
  22. Frankenstein

    Mary Shelly starts the paragraph by setting the scene to one of a gothic genre, immediately creating the mood and atmosphere for the passage. A nerve-jangling setting is present through the quote '...the sun had set, and the moon was just rising from the sea'. The absence of light immediately creates a chilling atmosphere, producing along with it a sense of apprehension within the reader. The writer continues to make the reader feel at unease as Victor Frankenstein "remained idle", foreshadowing the dilemma that he will eventually have to face.

    • Word count: 2500
  23. Owen's war poetry

    They are all "knock-kneed, coughing like hags" before someone was caught in the toxic gas "guttering, choking, drowning" (Dulce et Decorum est), having "old wounds save with cold that can not more ache" (Insensibility) that escalate into "a thousand pains" (Strange Meeting), or even losing their sight "eyeballs, huge-bulged like squids" that brings them to such a total breakdown that "he sobbed" (The Sentry). "All went lame, all blind" because the merciless war gives no exception whatsoever, and that they had lost their boots makes no difference, they still "limped on, bloodshod".

    • Word count: 2644
  24. Commentary in an extract from the book "Brave New World" by Aldeous huxley

    Controllers are meant to base their lives on science, but Mustapha Mond shows that even scientist wish to know about their philosophical existence. Knowing about one�s existence is part of human nature, thus Huxley in this passage intends to literarily exhibit how humans will always resemble to their nature, without mattering the advances of science. Contextualizing the passage with the rest of the novel The passage is situated at the beginning of chapter 17, just after Mustapha Mond tells Helmholtz and Bernard that they are going to be transferred to remote islands, due to their unorthodox behavior in England, and hence not doing their job properly.

    • Word count: 2266
German is a widely spoken European language, probably more widely spoken than you might think at first. It is the primary language in many countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland but it is also a secondary (and recognised), language in South Africa, Namibia, Brazil, Denmark and Hungary. Given that so much of our business activity is done with the European Community and that Germany remains the biggest economy within it, you’ll find that having the ability to speak and write German is a very attractive qualification for many employers. GCSE German, like the other languages you’ll study at this level, is a mixture of reading, writing, listening and speaking and you’ll use a variety of different methods and media – audio tapes, films, books and video clips. The assessment will cover all of those four disciplines and there will be end-of-course written examinations. You can really help yourself in accessing the Marked by Teachers site where there are a considerable number of GCSE German essay answers to study and learn from.

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