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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  1. Arguing in favour of censorship in China.

    The target audience of this editorial, educated Chinese citizens who support censorship or are not aware of its fundamental shortcomings, will be persuaded that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The argument of supporters that censorship is to the benefit of Chinese values will also be challenged in a logical manner. An editorial is the most suitable medium for presenting this controversial topic because both opposing perspectives are explained, the writer?s opinion is shared, and the reader is left to draw their own conclusion.

    • Word count: 1420
  2. Significance of Objects

    perhaps the flow has changed... you will never find the cat in that neighborhood" 1. In the context of her casual meeting with Toru these mystical words appear to be literal, but in hindsight it foreshadows Kumiko's sudden and unexpected departure soon after the flow has changed. Like the prophecy, she is never found in that area after her disappearance. However, the cat returns to Toru in the second part of the novel, almost in response to the appearance of the mark on Toru's face, suggesting another change of flow. This change of flow is suggested to be positive because at this point, Toru's life has stabilized and is a part of a new routine.

    • Word count: 1400

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