Jason Chau – 10F English – Ms Townend

Hamlet Speech Draft

        In Shakespeare’s famous play “Hamlet”, Hamlet reveals the duality of human nature as he is the hero of one plot whilst a villain in the other. Hamlet portrays the heroic characteristics through bravery and fearlessness. On the other hand, he is a villain because he is a coward, disrespectful and he would do anything to achieve and benefit for himself. But Hamlet is neither a complete hero nor a complete villain. He is both, and this contributes to Shakespeare’s message concerning the duality of human nature. The following paragraphs will elaborate on Hamlet’s 3 different types of personalities.

        Hamlet being a hero of a plot is a major theme in the play. This is shown by through his actions of avenging his father’s death by killing the current king Claudius, Hamlets uncle. Hamlet demonstrates the quality of braveness by following the ghost ignoring the fears of his friend for him strong enough to break the restraining hold and follows the horrible illusion not knowing what could happen to him. [Hamlet-Shakespeare Act 1, Scene 4, 88 – 95] “Hold off your hands”, “My fate cries out and makes each petty artery in this body as hardy as the Nemean lion’s nerve. Still am I called.- Unhand me, gentleman. By heaven, I’ll make a ghost of him that lets me! I say, away. -Go on. I’ll follow thee.  Hamlet does this because he is in desperate urge of wanting to discover how his father died and that he truly loves his father.

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The final reason for Hamlet being a hero is because he is not afraid of facing a politically superior man. This means that hamlet is not afraid to face the king; a person more powerful than him and tell everyone the truth about what happened to his father. Hamlet demonstrates the quality of fearlessness when is ready to fight the king. This is proven when he says [Hamlet-Shakespeare Act 5, Scene2 198 -200] “I am constant to my purpose, they follow the King’s pleasure. If his fitness speaks, mine is ready. Now or whensoever, provided I be so able as ...

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