So, my question today will be whether

Is it moral to lie in order to make things better or preserve good? 

First thing we have to suppose in order to be able to talk about moral is that we are not determined or more precise that we are not hard-determinist. Because if we would be determined, it would mean we would have no free will and as we do not have free will, we are unable to make our own choices. So a basic condition to talk about morality is that we have a free will.

In every day life we encounter many situations, which require us to make a choice. These situations vary a great lot and with them the choices we have to make. Sometimes we simply have to choose between two actions, or if to do it in the first place. But every now and then we make some decisions that might not be beneficial for us in the long run. I would like to give you a real life example that will illustrate the situation in which we have to make a choice.

Lets imagine that Mike has a girlfriend since 6 years. They are very happy together and enjoy each others company. Both of them have gotten so used to each other and they started hanging out most of the time. But after six years Mike cheated on her because he got drunk and wanted to have fun. After the great night he woke up sober and was confronted with an ethical dilemma. Now he has two possibilities. Either telling his girlfriend the truth or to lie about it and act as it has never happened.

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Mike has to make a decision, but the question arises. What is right? Should he tell the truth and risk hurting himself and his girlfriend for months and maybe years? Or simply avoid the problem and lie.

This choice is not as simple as it looks since there are many perspectives to it. Lets first answer the question if lying is moral in this case. The astounding thing is that despite of the gut feeling that tells us that it is wrong, many utilitarian’s would argue that it is morally right for this situation. Lets look at the reasons ...

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