Today I'm going to talk weather or not prostitution should be legalized. Prostitution is also known as the world's oldest profession and it has appeared in almost every culture all over the world. First, what benefits does it provide to man’s life? Obviously, it fulfills one of his man’s strongest urges as a human being – sex. It’s easy to observe that men go to prostitutes to have a good time, and enjoy the experience. On the other side, the prostitutes provide their services voluntarily and make a decent living in the process. Both sides benefit, and the fact that hookers work in nearly every country in the world suggest that there is a great demand (and proportionally a great perceived benefit) for their service. But everything is not that nice. In America, where prostitution is illegal in most places and no government oversight of abuses exists, prostitutes face serious physical, financial, health, and legal challenges in the process of providing their services. However, is this a necessary aspect of prostitution? As with every other controversial topic two sides are formed. One supports the prostitution and other is against it.

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When I was doing research into this topic I found one interesting quote I want to introduce to you: Prostitution is a combination of sex and the free market. Which one are you against? This side belief, that prostitutes are not committing an inherently harmful act. They agree that problem of prostitution are sexually transmitted diseases, but that addressing prostitution as crime is a way of expressing moral excitement and not accepting it into cultural norms. In this view is prostitution victimless crime as no one is harmed by it as it consists of consenting adults. For example here is ...

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