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Global climate change

Global climate change is considered by many to be the most serious hazard that the human race faces. Whilst scientist acknowledge that it is a real phenomenon, there has also to be recognition that the earth experiences a natural cycle of warming and cooling and at some point it will be plunged into another ice age. The theories relating to this (for example Milankovich’s Theory) are proven and accepted, although these are beyond the scope of GCSE and A level study. The question is will global climate change happen to the extent that it impacts on this cycle and other natural forces that control the earth’s temperature, changing the natural cycle of climatic variation?

The causes of global climate change, and most often this means global warming, are many and the contribution of each of them is debated, as are the actual effects that global warming will have. More and more evidence is available to show that the world’s climate is changing; melting ice caps, rising sea-levels, newly accessible “time-capsules” exposed to scientists through ice cores and changes in the earth’s surface water and ice from satellite imagery. The frequency and severity of extreme weather events seems to be increasing and these are often blamed on climate change and global warming in particular.

Climate change still remains a difficult and uncertain prospect for scientists to grapple with and creating computerised models of prediction based on previous data is one of their best tools for learning what we might face in the future.

Global climate change essays

What is climate change? How will it affect us? What caused it? Get all the information you need for your essays and coursework with our dedicated study guide.

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