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It All Went Wrong

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It All Went Wrong The Year 2003. August 16th. My first term at university. My ambition was vast to create something which the world had not seen before. I was doing a degree course to become a scientist. The course itself extended to four years. After four years study I finally graduated and was ready to amaze the World with my unique creations! One day I attended a friend's dance party and met a woman with large attractive blue eyes; her hair was long, black and shiny; her skin was of a fair complexion. Instantaneously I fell in love with her. Her name was Sarah.M.King. I could not resist walking up to her and introducing myself; as a scientist. Also I informed her of my hobbies. After my introduction Sarah politely introduced herself to me, and to my amazement, she possessed exactly the same hobbies and interests as myself; also she had just graduated from university and was a scientist. " Perfect! ", I thought to myself. " She has the same hobbies and interests. We were fated to meet ". So I asked her out for a date without hesitation. Sarah agreed likewise, without hesitation I took her to an exquisite five star hotel and impressed her with my taste and manners. ...read more.


" Next I guided him around my laboratory and informed him about the project and what might befall him; soon I could seem he was becoming increasingly dismayed. I suddenly remembered something baneful, even revolting, about the antidote: if the antidote were to be inserted into the case study's bloodstream' he might become a vile beast; his blood cells would become totally transformed into millions of small and deadly parasites. However, it occurred to me in a flash if I inserted it via his brain neuro cells, Jones would probably not be affected. I gave him a solute chemical to drink which would cause him to fall asleep. After Jones had dosed off, I began to insert the antidote carefully into his brain. To carry out this procedure I had to be extremely precise to avoid injecting it into the nerves in his brain. After a couple of hours of anxious waiting the crucial moment arrived; my dream of creating a perfect human, mentally and physically, had been realized. Dagger Jones had been transformed completely: now he was everything a woman should desire in a man. Instead of being short, fat and with horrible teeth, he was tall, dark and handsome; his body was fit and muscular. ...read more.


I am going to kill you anyway! I will kill you! I will first dismember your body, then stamp and spit on it. After that I will feed it to the dogs! " He dashed at me suddenly with a huge knife but I quickly launched a bottle of Hydrochloric Acid combined with Ammonium Nitrate straight at him. As the highly acidic mixture immediately destroyed all the parasites in his body; normal blood cells replaced them. Without knowing, involuntary, I had cured Dagger Jones! I walked in a daze towards the door leading to the house and there in front of my eyes lay the crumpled body of my beloved wife. I turned deliberately with all the anger accumulated inside me, dashed towards Dagger Jones and stabbed him brutishly several times he also until he lay in a broken heap on the floor, with all the blood drained from his body. The Police, of course, came and arrested me for the offence I had committed. They followed the trail and I was next convicted of murdering Dagger Jones. This is the story of my life from beginning to end; in between it all went wrong! I have only a little time left before my execution. Was I right or wrong to murder Dagger Jones? It all went wrong!!! [THE END] IT ALL WENT WRONG WRITTEN BY HAYAT MUNIR @ 18/10/00 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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