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Comparing Leadership styles of Western and Asian Managers.

Extracts from this document...


LEADERSHIP STYLES IN ASIAN ORGANIZATIONS A CASE STUDY AHMED, Waqar Dissertation Supervisor: Judith Rimmer Word Count : 15010 This dissertation is submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Staffordshire University for the award of M.S.C In International Strategic Management. October , 2008 Executive Summary. Th? modern ideas ?f Management in European countries and Asian countries are not similar. Understanding th? trend and transitions in managerial work in Asia is ?f considerable importance .The present study examines the leadership styles and behaviours of Asian and Western Manager. U.S and European manager have attained th? status ?f cultural heroes, and this kind ?f status managers do not enjoy in most Asian countries. This research will help the author to find out the role of leadership in success of organization.Th? main purpose ?f this research is t? find out different styles ?f leadership in Asian organisations.This paper seek to discover wether the Asian management style is significantly different from the western style of leadership or not. Study indicates that personal attributes such as gender, natural culture, age and organisational factors have a significant relationship with leadership styles. This study also examines different leadership styles and approaches of women in Asian and Western organizations. The study found that, European womens are quite independent and quite capable of taking decision effectively which is not very common in Asian women leaders and due to the complex nature of management environment, female managers consider to serve as a better manager due to their friendly nature.. Author also examines the competences of asian and western managers. After this research it is concluded that , all managers and leaders of different countries acts differently according to the culture and work environment of the country. Acknowledgement. I begin by thanking ALMIGHTY ALLAH, without whose blessings I would not have completed this work. I would also like to express my appreciaton to my supervisor JUDITH RIMMER Who helped me to remain focus on achieving my goals during my Dissertation. ...read more.


dominant conception ?f th? leader as ? fully competent, confident, knowledgeable, clear-sighted visionary, th? transformational paradigm sees th? leader as being fundamentally ? learner. In organisations immersed in continuous change, what matters most is not what ? leader knows, but what he or she is capable ?f learning. This ability t? learn, however, requires ? leader who is willing t? feel th? vulnerability implicit in not knowing, an openness t? experience that approaches each new situation as ? circus artist who flies from one trapeze t? th? next, rather than clinging t? th? comforting security ?f th? platform. Ironically enough, these are not qualities that are valued in th? teaching paradigm, where not knowing is perceived as ? weakness, and 'incompetence' is ? dreaded state. By contrast, th? experiential assumptions ?f th? transformational paradigm foster th? kind ?f leadership where one is perpetually ? reflective beginner and 'incompetence' is just th? exhilarating flight between competently holding th? trapeze ?f th? past and tentatively grasping for th? trapeze ?f th? future. Th? analysis presented here is, therefore, ? direct response t? th? need t? explore ways in which management training and development activities can provide th? space for leadership t? emerge and be discovered. This can usefully be done both in th? way individuals engage with their practice (self-learning) and in terms ?f th? innovative ways in which individual learning can be supported. 2.6 Competences Of Asian Leaders and Managers In Asian countries, th? nature ?f management and managers and ?f leaders and leadership is highly problematic: there is no agreed view on what managers or leaders should do and what they need t? do it. And there never can be, since such definitions arise not from organisational or technical requirements (which are themselves th? product ?f managers' theories ?f organisation), but from th? shifting ways in which over time these functions are variously conceptualised. ...read more.


public sector can be achieved. But this is not th? only reason why leadership is so desperately needed in Asian organisations. It was noted in th? Introduction that interest and activity in th? subject ?f 'leadership' are both running at extraordinarily high levels. In addition, it was also observed that an emergent set ?f contemporary critical themes could be identified. It was then demonstrated, through ? literature review in Chapter 2, that th? sheer findings ?f studies t? date had not in themselves helped t? clarify th? picture. Vast numbers ?f empirical studies were inconsequential in outcome and often trivial in design. Th? 'theories' ?f leadership were lacking in breadth and were often addressing different phenomena. Hence th? central rationale and th? intended contribution ?f this volume has been t? help cut ? way through th? noise by focusing attention on th? identified critical issues and th? emergent key trends. . 4.4 Reflection on Learning The author objective was to identify themes that managers use in Asia and Europe when they face challenging situation. Dissertation provided vital information to the author about the leadership styles follow by most of leaders in Asian and Western organizations . It helped the author to gain knowledge about different styles and differences found in Asian and Western styes of leadership. Author was intended to find out whether management and leadership styles in western and asian countries are similar or different. Due to the lack of availability of information regarding the topic, this element of research kept limited. The dissertation helped the author to gain greater understanding of the leadership styles in asian and western organizations, how women works as a leader , competences of asian leaders and western leaders etc After completion of dissertation , author finds himself in a better position to choose the best style of leadership in future if he gets chance either in western country or in Asian country. The piece of work would definitely help the author in pursuing the author's future leadership career as it excites the most and poses great challenges and hard situation to be dealt with. ...read more.

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