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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. HRM best practise case study. Research into HRM at a branch of Barclays Bank.

    2.4 Results for questionnaire INTRODUCTION This project is aimed at the 'best practice/high commitment' model (Pfeffer) of HRM by Marchington & Wilkinson (2002). The report is four thousand words including a personal learning statement. Barclays Bank is the chosen organisation in which a critical review of this model will be carried out. The chosen branch is in Surrey The aims of the project is to find out how well the best practice method links to Barclays bank HRM function/culture and if the method helps employees better in the workplace. This project will use various research methods need to be used.

    • Word count: 7196
  2. The Role Of Human Resource Management. Theories and Case Study of HRM at Nandos Restaurant.

    Therefore, managing the organisation's behaviour is crucial to managing tasks. Managing tasks involves understanding the behaviour patterns of individuals, groups and organisation as a whole; it also involves being able to predict what "behavioural responses will be elicited by various managerial actions" Nadler & Tushman (1977). Fundamentally for any organisation to be fully successful at leading and implementing successful change in any environment there must be an understanding of the organisational dynamics and performances. One way to achieve this is through conceptual framework or a model. The Model helps a manager/ organisation be able to identify areas of critical importance.

    • Word count: 4222
  3. Tackling a Challenging Process. This paper will detail experiences from my personal life and how I recuperated from a difficult situation through stern will and determination to bounce back to accept the adversities in life ahead

    This paper will detail experiences from my personal life and how I recuperated from a difficult situation through stern will and determination to bounce back to accept the adversities in life ahead. The devastating and challenging event that affected my life and forced me to change my perspective of life was the tragic accidental death of my older brother in a car crash on the night of the New Year. On that night our family was packing bags to go on a short holiday which we had planned out for few weeks.

    • Word count: 874
  4. Tricare health insurance. Health care insurance is the most significant benefit of any active duty military member. The health care program developed by the US Department of Defense is called TRICARE.

    All active duty service members, like myself, are eligible in TRICARE Prime. There is an enrollment form that needs to be filled up and has to be submitted to the appropriate regional contractor, but everything is free. There is no enrollment fee for the dependents of any active duty service member, but they still need to complete an enrollment form and must select Prime as the coverage plan. As of October 1, 2011 military retirees who choose to enroll in TRICARE Prime will be required to pay an increased annual enrollment fee of two hundred sixty dollars individually and five hundred twenty dollars for a family.

    • Word count: 1180
  5. The purpose of our assignment was to conduct research on whether students who work while at University perceive their experience of work as being more stressful as than those who do not work while at University.

    Keywords: Stress; university students; well-being; sources of stress; coping; working student; not working student. Introduction The purpose of our assignment was to conduct research on whether students who work while at University perceive their experience of work as being more stressful as than those who do not work while at University. Within the report we were able to compare the amount of stress in students who work while at University VS students who do not work while at University. To do this we used data that was collected from other Organisational Behaviour students with the JDSC Scale.

    • Word count: 8604
  6. Occupational Stress

    Decreased perception of the positive 19. Narrowed focus 20. Reduced self-esteem 21. Changes in eating habits and 22. Weakened positive emotional response reflexes Physical Symptoms of Occupational Stress: These symptoms include: 1. Headaches (tension and migraines) 2. Stomach problems 3. Over and under eating 4. Sleep disturbances 5. Chronic mild fatigue 6. Muscle aches and pains 7. Skin rashes 8. Teeth grinding 9. Muscle tics 10. Chronic mild illnesses 11. Diarrhea 12. Constipation Psychological Symptoms of Occupational Stress: These symptoms include: 1. Forgetfulness 2. Anger 3. Frustration 4. Anxiety 5. More irritability with family members 6. More use of alcohol, or cigarettes 7.

    • Word count: 5672
  7. This paper examines the impact of NAFTA on trade as well as migration flows between Mexico, Canada, and the United States in the textile industry.

    Under the NAFTA, all non-tariff barriers to agricultural trade between the United States and Mexico were eliminated. In addition, many tariffs were eliminated immediately, with others being phased out over periods of 5 to 15 years. NAFTA is known in French as ALENA (Accord de libre-�change nord am�ricain), and in Spanish as TLC (Tratado de libre comercio) or TLCAN (Tratado de libre comercio de am�rica del norte). NAFTA promises a lot of benefits but these benefits come at a high price for the participated countries. NAFTA is a very complex agreement containing many chapters and covers a wide range of topics essential in the establishment of the agreement but in this particular case the clause and sections in contrast to textile industries only applied here.

    • Word count: 3110
  8. To what extent can organisational culture be managed. How critical is it for organisation success

    One of the most widely accepted frameworks was promulgated by Schein (1984 and 1985), which categorizes culture into three levels - artifacts, espoused values and basic underlying assumptions. By applying this definition of culture, it is possible to examine a variety of studies that have claimed to have both proven and disproven the ability of managers to exert control over organisational culture. There does exist a plethora of studies that claim organisational culture can be successfully managed (Anderson 2003, Bae, Sohn and Rowley 2002, Jackson and Tax 1995, Risher 2007, Soupata 2001, Troy 1994).

    • Word count: 3457
  9. Why do individuals and organisations tend to resist change?

    For example McDonalds a fast food giant is a very successful international organisation and they have stayed successful over the years due to them managing change effectively. One of the major factors concerning the fast food giant is 'healthy eating' and McDonalds have tackled this effectively as they have proved still to be an increasingly profitable company. They have introduced healthy foods in their menus and have invested money in healthy eating. Due to the current economic recession every organisation has become increasingly conscious about managing their costs effectively and keeping costs to a minimum.

    • Word count: 1961
  10. Employee turnover and key personnel retention; a review and analysis of Trident UK

    I would also like to thank David Tucker at the University for his quick-wit, useful comments and help towards the completion of the study. I would also like to pay tribute to Jen Hall for her ongoing critique of my work. Contents Pages Abstract Acknowledgements Introduction 1.0 Literature Review 1.1 Knowledge Management 1.2 Motivational Theories 1.3 Other Considerations 2.0 Research Methodology 2.1 Research Design 2.2 Data Collection Methods 2.3 Sample Design 2.4 Analysis 3.0 Objectives 4.0 Secondary Research: Findings Summary 5.0 Employee Questionnaire: Findings Summary & Analysis Figure1- In general, how do you feel about working for Trident?

    • Word count: 5741
  11. Terrorism and Global Human Resource Management

    Global companies often compete over top quality products and services while attempting to use the lowest costs; they also emphasize flexibility and mass customization of product to meet the needs of particular clients (Noe, Hollenback, Gerhart, & Wright, 2008). Global firms choose their location based on the ability to efficiently, effectively and flexibly produce a product or service, and attempt to create interaction through the cultural differences. In order to be successful, these companies must consider the culture, human capital, political-legal systems, and economic systems designate where the production facilities can be located to provide a competitive advantage (Noe, Hollenback, Gerhart, & Wright, 2008).

    • Word count: 2068
  12. First, this essay will begin with an attempt to identify and distinguish the definition and characteristics of change management and organisation development (OD). Secondly, this essay will discuss the relative change models used to implement change manag

    OD is a set of thoughts that observe organisational change as an organized management practice. The theories of planned change are fundamental to OD as well as a humanistic approach. The principles that are intrinsic in OD tip its work to the soft model of change, and suggest an answer to the organisational quandary where value for a person's needs and quality of working life is noticed and appreciated (Carter, 2008). Organisation development from a practice where more importance was put on 'people problems' and social aspects inside an organisations than on efficiency, but more modern developments have intended at including both aspects into the model.

    • Word count: 2560
  13. International HRM. The purpose of this report was to analyze Japanese HRM functions and recommend to Wal-Mart suitable ways to approach it with the market.

    * Mixing of the management of localization strategy and employment of home country nationals which would not only make the transition for local nationals easier as they better understand their business strategies but also allow home country nationals to make their transition to an overseas market easier. Contents Introduction 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this report was to analyze Japanese HRM functions and recommend to Wal-Mart suitable ways to approach it with the market. 1.2 Scope While investigating the Japan's national and organisational cultural functions, it was important to consider its realistic suitability for an company like Wal-Mart to operate in such a market.

    • Word count: 3761
  14. Motivation in the Workplace. This specific study looks into the distinction between promotion versus prevention focused individuals, and how motivational tactics within these two character types can work together or separately.

    Within the workplace environment, the connection between employees and employers is extremely important to sustain productivity and workplace culture. Many times however, a breakdown in communication can be caused by uncontrollable incompatibility between management style and employee behavior. To attribute this incongruity to a conflict between promotion vs. prevention motivation might be too ambitious; however, further research needs to demonstrate a direct link between these two factors. The purpose of this particular study is to find out what influence does having opposing personality styles (promotion focused vs. prevention focused) have, on productivity and motivation in the workplace. In addition, the actual negative impact on promotion focused employees if they work within a prevention focused management environment, and vice versa.

    • Word count: 3935
  15. Training And Development. The aim of this report is to have a complete understanding of how a training or learning needs analysis is to be conducted and why it is important for organisations to move towards the learning organisation.

    4. 5. 6. Office Use Only: London Metropolitan University - Coursework Coversheet Part 2 - To be returned to the student by the Module Leader Student ID: 09046534 Module Code: HR3006N Module Name: Training and Development Component: 001 Description: 3000 Word Coursework Module Leader: Kiran Kalsi Due Date: 02/Dec/2011 Group Number: S2 Please enter tutor name: FEEDBACK ON THIS ASSIGNMENT IS PROVIDED USING A SEPARATE SHEET: YES / NO (Circle one) Achievement of Assessment Criteria Areas for Improvement Further Comments Recommended mark: Module tutor: Date: Feedback on Assessment: Feedback on coursework assignments should be given in the spaces above in line with the University's Assessment Framework.

    • Word count: 3835
  16. Free essay

    Summarise and critically assess the management strategy to managing personnel in ACME Engineering.

    This uniqueness is strongly influenced by the mix of the Japanese and the English way of thinking and culture. The Japanese philosophy has contributed the unitary perspective of collectivism where the emphasis is laid on group working and group achievements. Total Quality Circles (TQC) are a core aspect of Japanese organisations. In these environments individualism is not recognised. In ACME, however, individuals are strongly encouraged to bring out their voices and have an 'arrogant' attitude towards work that allows employees to participate in company's issues, which can lead to a conflict that is reflected by a pluralistic approach. These two divisions of management styles were introduced by Fox (1966, cited in Legge, 2005: 73).

    • Word count: 1414
  17. Why Britain needs more black headteachersThe main body of this article that the author, David Bromfield, is opposing is that Britain needs to hire more black headteachers in order to affect the younger black community by playing as a

    He feels that there is a need to "convey" his message more widely. However, this does not mean that this will only be beneficial socially, but also economically - or the so called business case. In the next paragraphs this will be made a bit clearer. Clearly there are some diversity and equal opportunity issues in this case. To understand the article better, those terms will be defined first. Equality or equal opportunity recognises and values the similar experiences that particular workers may have in the workplace. It uses a collective approach, which may mean treating particular groups of workers such as women or disabled people, the same or very similarly.

    • Word count: 1474
  18. Training systems - theory and 2 case studies.

    Buckley and Caple (1990) state that employees may gain great intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction for their positions after training, which comes from task accomplishment and extra salaries accrued through the enhancement of career performance and promotion prospects. By biographical research and cross-national studies, Heise and Meyer (2004) emphasise that individual benefits of training and development not only exist in material aspects, such as income, career prospects, job security and so on, but also involve non-material merits, which contain health, quality of life, social and cultural participation.

    • Word count: 3450
  19. This review looks at several theories of management and leadership development and will critically analysis using relevant literature. Also included in this review is a focus on strategic human resource management and whether there is a link between huma

    Managerial roles are refers to specific categories of managerial behaviour. According to Mintzberg there are Ten Management Roles (Winstanley & Woodall,1998) a compiled listed of behaviours within a business environment, which can be grouped into three section interpersonal relationships, transfer or informational and decision making. These roles are demonstrated in the table below: Informational Interpersonal Decisional - Monitor - Disseminator - Spokesperson - Leader - Figurehead - Liaison - Entrepreneur - Negotiator - Resource Allocator - Disturbance Handler Definitions of each role * Figurehead: All social, inspiration, legal and ceremonial obligations.

    • Word count: 2688
  20. Diversity in the Workforce.

    They also place a high value on honor and integrity. The Baby Boomers are primarily characterized by a sense that they live to work, maintain an sense of optimism, willing to go into debt, count on future income, and strive for convenience and personal gratification. They also are team and process oriented. Additionally, many are taking steps to try to preserve their youth. The Generation X'ers are born between 1965 and 1980. Their characteristics are work to live - not live to work, view jobs more in terms of a contract, and believe in clear and consistent expectations.

    • Word count: 1231
  21. Part A of this report will examine my learning styles, preferences, highlight any areas of weakness and suggest methods for improvement, using a number of recognised questionnaires. This will provide evidence to support my career choice and my chosen sub

    DATE: ................................................................ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my lecturer for all his help during this assignment. I would also like to thank my university colleagues for their continued support. Lastly I would like to thank my family and partner. Without whose continual encouragement and support I would not have been able to complete this assignment. TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page 1 Declaration 2 Acknowledgements 3 Table of Contents 4 Glossary of Terms 6 Personal Development Project 7 Part A 7 Introduction 7 Section 1 7 1.2 How do we learn? 7 1.3 Previous experience and current approach to learning 8 1.4 Working as part of a team 9 1.5 Areas of weakness 11 1.6 Applications of

    • Word count: 13182
  22. The author wishes to pursue a career in purchasing therefore this project will be centered around the analysis of the author and the chosen career path with intentions of determining the suitability of the career and giving the author a basis on which sh

    This view is shared by O'Reily et al (1999), who explain that those involved with higher education should move beyond the considerations of 'knowledge' and 'competence' to develop people into capable practitioners. Professional Development (PD) refers to the entire development process of an individual in conjunction with his/her profession rather than a single course (Quale, 2006). To establish an informed view of how to achieve set goals it is essential to create a professional development plan, or in this case project.

    • Word count: 12316
  23. Organizational structure. This essay will introduce the following five parts: history of functional structure, the functional structure model, strengths of functional structure, weaknesses of functional structure, and the application of functional struct

    Job scopes were clearly distinguished and authority was from top to bottom. The organization set rules and regulations to control their working process. 2. Functional structure model (Source: Anumb et al. (2002), Organisational structures to support concurrent engineering in construction, published by MCB UP Ltd.) As the above chart shows functional structure usually has one or several managing directors in the top. They are in charge of the directors who have been divided by their different type of works, such as research & development director, marketing director, manufacturing director, finance director and human resources director.

    • Word count: 1168
  24. Leadership In Context. This article will attempt to frame 2 queries on Leadership on context. Thereafter, it will examine the various leadership context and requirement for my envisaged Command or Staff posting after my graduation from the 41st CSC.

    under the Strategic level of leadership under the SAF LCM, or do we need to expand the scope for more holistic coverage under different context? TASK 1- 2nd Query: Do we really need to have the most desirable leader to lead a multi-national United-Nation Mission to ensure mission success? 4. GLOBE researcher identified six global leadership behavior and were used to assess the different ways in which various cultural cluster view leadership.3 GLOBE also identified 22 valued leadership attributes that were universally endorsed as characteristics that facilitate outstanding leadership.

    • Word count: 1796
  25. Reward Management. An employer which was moving from the final salary scheme towards the money purchase scheme is for example Unilever. Since 1.1.2008 they opened the new pension scheme. The employees were quite discontented and they went on strike.

    The reason was they were expecting a cut of the retirement pension of 40 %. Moreover they had no guaranteed pension anymore. A further example is Avira which also quit their final salary scheme in April last year as a result that their deficit tripled in the past years. So they wanted to provide a sustainable pension for their employees. Avira also asserted that the final salary scheme was only beneficial to one third of their employees. As two-thirds were accounted of its contribution to staff pension arrangements, which was a untenable and inequitable position.

    • Word count: 727

"Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it"

-Henry David Thoreau

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  • Explore and assess the problem of motivation within the Business System Support Branch (BSSB) of Environment Canada.

    "Conclusion After thoroughly examining the problems at the BSSB branch of Environment Canada, we have provided them with an implementation plan to help turnaround their operation into a more enjoyable work experience. This includes changes in the leadership, motivation, and communication aspects. Managers will have to be more proactive, more forthcoming with information to their subordinates. Leaders must have a vision, and they must project it clearly, so that it is easily understandable by their followers. Communication is defined as the process of exchanging information between the sender and receiver. Managers spend a considerable amount of time communicating. They must ensure effective communication. Meaning, getting the proper information to the right individuals in a timely fashion."

  • In this assignment, I intend to discuss the many different teaching styles that can be adopted by teachers and coaches.

    "In conclusion it can be suggested that coaches adapt their teaching approach to the type of activity, age, ability and motivation level of the performer(s), environmental factors and their own personality and capability. Mosston's spectrum of teaching styles takes into consideration the proportion of decisions made by the learner and the teacher in the learning process. The more decisions that are made by the teacher, the more authoritarian the style. Each style in the spectrum has its advantages and disadvantages and should be chosen bearing in mind the factors just mentioned. Successful teachers use a wide variety of teaching styles ranging from strict to helpful to simply being positive and raising the performers motivation. (1435) Rachel Wilkinson 1"

  • Out Line the key features of HRM as an approach to managing people in the workplace. Compare and contrast the HRM approach with more traditional personnel management. Assess the advantages of the HRM approach for employers.

    "6. Conclusion Through outlining the key features of HRM, comparing and contrasting with the similarities and differences between the two, assess the advantages of the HRM approach for employers, it can be concluded that, comparing with traditional personnel management, HRM is a development, which originated from personnel management and is a better way of people management. Strategic integration and the promotion of employees' commitment are key features of the HRM model that bring about a new role and scope for the personnel function in the organization. It is the vital to the ongoing success of an organization in today's highly competitive market place. A strategic approach to HRM does everything to ensure that the right number of the right types of motivated, energized, and self-directed people with creative ideas and corporate commitment are there to manage the organizations business and in return the people are given adequate reward, agreeable job securities, continuously enlarging opportunities, and reinforcing employer-employee relationship. Reference and"

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