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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. In this report, we looked at the case of the performance management of WIS NZ's telephone account manager.

    At the end, we recommend that Salesforce should implement some new strategies , such as sorting out employment complex, giving more personal attention, and etc, to finally make these problems to go away. Introduction An organization needs to influence satisfiers through performance management ? the "measuring, monitoring and enhancing the performance of staff" ? using a range of human resources management (HRM) tools such as: job descriptions, supervision, performance appraisals, continuous education, rewards and career development (Dieleman et al., 2006).

    • Word count: 2782
  2. Outline what you consider to the major issues and problems for HR specialists in Ireland over the coming decade.

    Introduction Human resource planning is a function of human resource management hence a short introduction of this subject is imperative. Human resource management has evolved considerably over the past century and has experienced a major transformation within the past two decades. From being a primarily administrative position as personnel management, it has become more strategic[1] in nature as organisations strive to increase productivity, improve service and ensure that companies adapt to the ever-changing business conditions. Whilst personnel management aimed at establishing and maintaining equitable terms and conditions of employment, human resource management integrates the traditional personnel management functions to corporate goals and strategies.

    • Word count: 2975
  3. Case Study. The founder of the Flight Centre Ltd, Graham Turner claims that people are hard wired to work in small groups within larger groups.

    Vertical differentiation refers to the number of hierarchical levels in an organization (Robbins & Barnwell, 2006). At the Flight centre, the operation level involves retail shops. Each shop involves three to seven people working on one brand which is called a family. The area or a ?village? involves 7 or 10 families within one geographical region. The tribal country is a set of three or four villages. Each tribe is a different brand, brands include corporate traveler, flight centre and student flights (refer appendix 1).

    • Word count: 2488
  4. In this report, OmniBanks Diversity Efforts case study would be taken into account to illustrate the significance of diversification in the contemporary workplace

    Moreover, the process makes good business sense. Therefore, this paper will present diversity strategies in the workplace that focus on three main matters. First, four steps that OmniBank may consider taking to form a diversity committee consisting of: Step 1: Preparation before undertaking diversity initiative Step 2: Identify key participants Step 3: Recruitment of committee members Step 4: Establishment of objectives and strategies in form of charter Second, the establishment of the charter in which the OmniBank?s diversity committee pledges to direct the organization towards a working environment where harmony and equality among each and every single constituency to one another are matters of priority with the purpose of making the most of everyone?s effort for the bank?s prosperity.

    • Word count: 2748
  5. Human Resource Management (HRM) is introduced to enhance productivity in an organization by addressing their working environment and treating them as valuable human capital.

    PRE-HIRING PHASE The first phase of employment cycle involves HR planning and job analysis. Planning maps out strategic HR plan to prepare organizations for changes related to technology or resources. The first step of planning is to determine the organization?s business objectives. Organization has to focus on innovation, quality or cost reduction to ensure the HR practices align with the focused objective. This essay will emphasize on the objective of innovation as the need for long-term productivity. Only with a clear business objective can an organization develop HR practices, which motivate and lead employees on the right track.

    • Word count: 2484
  6. Discuss why attempts at stress management interventions appear to be concentrated disproportionately on reducing the effects, rather than reducing the presence of stressors at work.

    Such interventions can include job redesign and work-load reduction. Secondary interventions are more reactive in their purpose and concentrate more on reducing the effects or severity of stressors to the individual, using stress management training for example which can help an individual cope more efficiently. Tertiary interventions are also reactive and often include a treatment programme such as an Employee Assistance Programe which often includes couseling and other forms of health promotion for individuals with existing problems. Tertiary interventions are similar to secondary interventions in the way they focuss on the individual and do not attempt to reduce the presence of stressors.

    • Word count: 2662
  7. Is Leadership Nature or Nurture? Discuss with reference to theories whilst critically evaluating available evidence.

    There lies a multitude of research on the subject of leadership. The underlying topic of discussion in most of the research is whether leadership is influenced by nature or nurture. Are there people predestined for leadership from birth or can people be trained and moulded into leaders? When discussing this, authors may choose to focus on role occupancy, which is whether people occupy positions of leadership in organisations (Arvey et al. 2006), or the effectiveness of those already in leadership positions. With the debate in mind, role occupancy seems to be a better fit as it provides more insight on whether those thought destined to lead actually take up leadership positions.

    • Word count: 2416

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