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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. This IHRM report is based on a large food retail company in UK, Malone Superbuy Ltd. The present strategic plan of the company is to venture into the Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

    It is important to take note that internationalisation is different from globalisation in that internationalisation is a spatially delimiting process. The model in figure 1, below, can help organisations to determine what factors influence domestic HRM and IHRM policies and practices when they operate in a multinational organisation. This model could be applicable to organisations as is. Figure 1: Factors influencing domestic HRM and IHRM policies and practices Source: Hitt, D, W (1996) 1.1 Differences between domestic HRM and IHRM Figure 2: Variables that moderate differences between domestic HRM and IHRM Dowling (1999)

    • Word count: 15906
  2. Cross Cultural management of a Mexcian MNC. Discuss critically how employees were motivated to participate in learning organisation environment of Equipos. You should draw on theories of motivation and cross cultural management in your answer.

    and successful implement the learning strategies to turn itself into a learning organisation. This can only be possible by not cultural stereotyping, rather managers at Equipos struggled for achieving all this, by understanding the management of cross culture in the work place which urge the employees to participate in the organisational context. This study focuses different cross cultural theories and motivational frameworks with which Equipos manage to turn into a learning organisation. 2. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK: The focus of this study is to analyse the statement that learning strategies rely heavily on employee involvement in the light of different cross cultural, motivation and learning theories.

    • Word count: 3636
  3. Analysis of H&M HR strategies

    With the great potential in online and catalogue sales, H&M plans to launch internet sales in the USA which is renowned for world greatest catalogue sale market. Online shopping is currently available in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria and UK. All the stores are refreshed with novel items on regular and periodic basis. The collection is created by more than 100-in house designers together with pattern and buyer makers. The company has around 28 production offices around the world.

    • Word count: 3544
  4. HRM Case Study. FARASSOO International designs produces and markets computer peripherals and devices that enable people to work productively.

    It has fixed assets (original value) USD 370 million and occupied a piece of land with an area of 50,000 square meters. The firm has more than 100 various production, 15 production lines and approximately 400 employees. 2.1. Our People Farassoo is a company which emphasis creativity in introduction of new and innovating way of producing products such as Keyboards, mouse, lap top, monitors, and so on. However, without "our people", neither goals nor ambitions can be achieved sky high.

    • Word count: 4438

    HRM today is not only slogan but has become economic necessity. HRM strategies such as Performance Appraisal, Training etc. have to be tailored to suit the business environment of the economy. Of the various strategies and mechanisms, there is tremendous potential in PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM (PAS) as an effective tool for gaining competitive edge. In the modern day turbulent business environment, innovative PAS strategies are required to meet a plethora of challenges. What is true of one organization or nation may not necessarily apply exactly the same way elsewhere. So we will need to innovate such strategies of performance appraisal as suit the business environment of our economy in the wider context of globalization.

    • Word count: 7250
  6. Employee Motivation. Case Study of the incentive schemes at the Jodhpur branch of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.

    I, first of all would like to acknowledge the cooperation and encouragement of the Mr. S.K. VYAS, HEAD OF DEPARTMENT, MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT OF ENG. COLLEGE BIKANER. Who provides me an opportunity & motivated me to take my summer training in such an esteemed organization. I am debted to my advisor MR.S.S.V.PRASADA RAO, (Chief Manager HR / In-charge HR/ER) whose guidance, patience, encouragement and trust has been a great source of support for me throughout my completion of project report at ONGC.

    • Word count: 7487
  7. The aim of this report is to assess and evaluate the current management of human resources within the Metropolitan Police Service providing an insight on the current HRM situation and how that compares to relevant theory giving rise to possible recommenda

    The area now covered by the Metropolitan Police Service ("the MET") covers 620 square miles and a population of 7.2 million compared to less than 2 million in 1829 (met.police.uk, 2011). (c) Macro Environmental Factors affecting HRM within the MET The influence of the external environment on HRM is important as any change in the external environment of an enterprise can have a profound impact on the personnel. These changes include technological advances, cultural and social changes, changes in the policies of the Government, politics and the like which all affect the level of productivity within an organization.

    • Word count: 3114
  8. Handbook for Managers of a Coffee Shop Chain

    This document is designed to lead you trough the situations and give you answers for your questions. We believe that after reading this hanbook the new manager will be able to understand company culture and companys attitude towards its employees and business. The main advantage is that you can use this handbook 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please read this hanbook carefuly because itcontains very inportant and usefull guidance for you in your new job. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our HR department for futher information. Company description Company The Best Coffee in Town was established in year 2000 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

    • Word count: 5468
  9. Knowledge Management; Case Study of Boeing

    because of its tacitness, inimitability and immobility (Grant, 1996). However, gaining and maintain competitive advantage has become hugely complex because of rapid technological change, increasingly shifting customer focus, ever-enhancing competitive pressure, and fast growing availability of amount of knowledge for the firms to be used as a basis for the innovation (Carrillo, P., 2004; Fan et al., 2009). Though many organizations are undertaking knowledge management projects, and despite the many success stories in KM projects, dispute over what exactly KM is, continues as it is there for knowledge, and knowledge types.

    • Word count: 4815
  10. Worklife Balance. A questionnaire was developed by the researcher consisting of different questions to gather information over the situation of work life balance at Levis Strauss and Company.

    Moreover an effort is made to elucidate the newer concept of diversity that differs from racism. Meaning and importance of Diversity: The concept of diversity has gone through various phases of change and now takes a new form today. Workplace diversity in today's world is no longer just about anti-discrimination compliance; rather it now focuses on inclusion and the impact on the bottom line. In this globalized work, it is increasingly seen as a vital strategic resource for competitive advantage.

    • Word count: 3796

    The insurance industry focuses on close contact and interaction among clients, sales people and managers. That is a human-oriented industry, for which the experienced leaders inspire the sales people through continuous training and encouragement and lead them to work hard to achieve goals by vision. The leader's leadership type plays an important role in achievementing performance t of the organization. The leader's ability to adapt to internal and external environment changes and lead a group of cordial subordinates to work together is the key to success. Thus, this research explores the relationships among the leader's leadership style and the subordinate's personality characteristic, job stress and turnover intention.

    • Word count: 5719
  12. Employee retention is one of the hottest management topics in the United States for good reason; it is impacting employers on a daily basis. The number of qualified applicants available for vacant positions is currently in decline and employers are findin

    Let Us see what "Employee Retention" used to mean This entails understanding just a little history. The term "employee retention" first began to appear with regularity on the business scene in the 1970s and early '80s. Until then, during the early and mid-1900s, the essence of the relationship between employer and employee had been (by and large) a statement of the status quo: You come work for me, do a good job, and, so long as economic conditions allow, I will continue to employ you. It was not unusual for people who entered the job market as late as the 1950s and '60s to remain with one employer for a very long time-sometimes for the duration of their working life.

    • Word count: 5947
  13. Reflective essay on a teamwork task. The main objective of this paper is to conduct the self assessment in order to evaluate the role of the individual within the team in regards to other team members and therefore the effectiveness of the team work.

    The rest of our four come from China. Therefore, at this point it is very significant to maintain good relationships with other team members and start managing the synergy inside the team. According to Lehman C.M.,(2007) it is quite challenging in the first stage of teamwork due to the different characteristics of the team members. Thereby our team formed a restricted regulation for each members, everyone were supposed to observe it and be punctual to participate in every meeting owing to German's time discipline. On the personal experience, the appropriate trust building activities, divided leadership and an open communication have helped our team to overcome this challenge and shift to the next phase, called storming.

    • Word count: 3111
  14. Using reference to the academic literature, analysis and explain the main human resource issues and dilemmas raised by Hume & Co.s decision to build its international presence.

    Labour turnover is similarly high among younger women consultants. They resigned from the company in their early 30, reasoning family and childcare decision. Though it was later discover by the company that these women consulted joined in other companies, who are Hume & Co competitor. Outsourcing of knowledge is high as because these women consultants know how and core components of the company that are transferred to competitor companies through them. Staffing issue in another vital HR issues as Hume & Co.

    • Word count: 3542
  15. Human resource management. I have analysed the HR strategies of Prime retail store which is newly build store at Wembley at UK which include grouping of the organisation in terms of its employees, the turnover, the location and a number of other factors t

    HR management view 9.0 Performance Appraisal 10 > Performance appraisal helps to develop employee relation > Reward system and effect > Reward and punishment effect company's performance 10.0 Conclusion 12 15.0 References 14 2.0 Introduction: Researchers describe that today; many successful organizations are increasingly tying Human Resource Management closely to the business practices. Hollinshead and Leat (1995) also describe there should be a link between HR policy, strategy and practice and overall corporate strategy in its competitive environment. Coopers and Lybrand ( 1992 )

    • Word count: 3916
  16. Leadership. There are many styles or ways that a leader can use to motivate people. The basic three styles of leadership are: autocratic,democratic and lassiez-faire.

    Lassiez faire: gives full authority as well as responsibility to the employees and leaves them at their own. Gives no direction and expects them to solve their own problem. It's very difficult to choose one single style of leadership. The leader must be flexible enough to behave according to the demands of the situation. Stick to any one style of leadership does not enhance productivity and in such changing global scenario it would have an adverse effect. Acombination of leadership should be exhibited depending on various factors. The world has becoming globally so advanced that change has become a daily phenomenon.

    • Word count: 3056
  17. The Applicability of Traditional Organisation Behavioural Theories. Those in the lower hierarchy levels of the organisation are often regarded as pursuing the individual goals of earning a decent salary and progressing through the organisational hierarchy

    The system would be beneficial to the Paper Plane Corporation in study one in ensuring the highest of productivity on the production line where efficiency is vital to success in the contract for the RAF. Not all elements of Taylors' approach we agree with, the parts we do however are listed below: * Development of a standard method of performing each job * Selection of workers with appropriate attributes for each job * Train workers using the standard method previously developed, and established as most efficient * Managers should follow procedures to ensure consistency and reliable behaviour * Support workers

    • Word count: 6249
  18. Free essay

    Human Resource Management Practice at the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Education

    This will be geared towards improving organizational performance, facilitate better management of schools and achieve a higher level of effectiveness throughout the broader educational system. Staff efficiency and organizational effectiveness is a growing problem for MOE and the entire public sector, this is critical to an organization which promotes the educational systems for the nation of Trinidad and Tobago. In November 1996 (Internal staff Memo MOE), The Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister and Head of Public Service Authorities mandated all public sector organizations to implement a new performance appraisal systems, in keeping with the Vision 2020 objectives of the nation.

    • Word count: 3233
  19. Performance Appraisal: Remedial Action. he first purpose of this review is to analyze theoretical aspects of performance appraisal system. The second purpose of this review is to discuss and analyze performance appraisal system (EPAP) of Commonwealth Ban

    defined performance as "is multi-dimensional construct, the measurement of which varies depending on a variety of factors." On the individual basis performance is a record of the person's accomplishments. Kane (1996, pp 123-45) argues that performance "is something that the person leaves behind and that exists apart from the purpose." Performance management can be defined as a strategic and integrated approach to delivering sustained success to organization by improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors (Armstrong and Baron 1998). Bartol et all (2010, p.405-406)

    • Word count: 4314
  20. In the current business environment, what role do job design and workforce diversity play in attempts to improve individual and organizational performance.

    The third purpose of this review is to integrate job design and workforce diversity. If HR managers design jobs in such way that promotes and manages workforce diversity in an organization, then both individual and organization will have improved performance in the current business environment. Job Design Defined A job consists of a related set of tasks that are carried out by a person to fulfill a purpose (Davis, 1966). Job design has been defined by Noe et al (2010) as: "is the process of defining how work will be performed and the tasks that will be required in a given job.

    • Word count: 4013
  21. Sales personnel and responses to staff turnover.

    A company that mainly deals with sales, gains the biggest proportion of its revenue from the sales transactions the company does with its customers and clienteles. Thus, it is important to keep the company's sales up and going. The sales industry makes up a big proportion of the economy. Doing sales with customers is not a simple task. It is not just about an exchange of item for money. A sale's success also depends on how the company's salespeople persuade the customers to do sales with them.

    • Word count: 3218
  22. Vietnam - workers rights, pay,pensions and hours.

    a year. Employers must compensate workers according to overtime pay rates. Overtime during normal working days is paid at 150% of the normal rate, whereas those working night shift overtime must be paid at a minimum of 180%.Workers working during weekends and on holidays without taking other days off are entitled to earn 200% and 300% respectively of the normal rate as well. Social Security Social insurance in compulsory or voluntary forms shall apply to each of the categories of beneficiaries of enterprises in order to ensure that workers benefit from appropriate social security.

    • Word count: 4014
  23. Making the Tough Team Call. The IMP team has been unsuccessful at completing their project and progressing through the stages of the Tuckman five stage model. They are currently stuck in the second stage of storming without having fully completed the firs

    The intended effect would be to give the team, through the use of maintenance and task activities, goal direction and role assignments. Introduction: The International Management Program (IMP) is a program designed for high potential managers and has been run by the company Continental AG. Continental aimed to see how potential managers would handle themselves under the pressure of completing these strategic projects that were important to the company. Cross-functional and national teams were created with a mentor and met for week long modules every 6 - 8 weeks.

    • Word count: 6839
  24. Performance Appraisal case study

    While this may create some controversy, the company will have to manage this. The HR Manager should be severely disciplined for his actions, up to termination (contingent upon his performance in other areas). Finally, to solve this issue from an organizational standpoint, the company should implement hiring and promotion procedures and follow them. They should also institute changes to the appraisal system and train supervisory staff on performance management. Problem Statement The selection of Jose Luis for promotion was not done in a suitable manner.

    • Word count: 3773
  25. This report suggests recruitment and selection methods for hiring quality staff for the proposed crche & child development centre (C&CDC) at Elgin Pharmaceutical in consistent with the high road HRM practices it has been pursuing in the knowledge intens

    As Elgin's Senior Human Resource Manager, I have been asked by the CEO to propose suitable strategy for the recruitment and selection of exceptional C&CDC staff. As the reputation of the company is of prime importance rather than the cost, the staff hired should hold high standards in terms of caring qualities and passion for child development apart from being well qualified. This report therefore goes for a holistic review of many factors related to this hiring. Before moving forward, one must bear in mind that the company is going to hire this kind of staff for the first time

    • Word count: 4943

"Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it"

-Henry David Thoreau

The key to any company's success, regardless of the industry, is to find and maintain a workforce of passionate, hard-working employees. Unfortunately, accomplishing this is just as hard as it sounds. If you think you're up to the challenge, then a university degree in human resources management could be the right path for you.

Human resources is all about communication, so excellent writing skills will be necessary for success. To boost your skills, study Marked by Teachers' collection of human resources management essays. The worked examples will provide you with a template for your own edits, and before long you'll be writing beautifully composed essays on everything from diversity management to work-life balance.

This is a highly specialised degree, so when you graduate, you'll be primed and ready for a career in human resources, management, or other roles in business and administration.


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  • Explore and assess the problem of motivation within the Business System Support Branch (BSSB) of Environment Canada.

    "Conclusion After thoroughly examining the problems at the BSSB branch of Environment Canada, we have provided them with an implementation plan to help turnaround their operation into a more enjoyable work experience. This includes changes in the leadership, motivation, and communication aspects. Managers will have to be more proactive, more forthcoming with information to their subordinates. Leaders must have a vision, and they must project it clearly, so that it is easily understandable by their followers. Communication is defined as the process of exchanging information between the sender and receiver. Managers spend a considerable amount of time communicating. They must ensure effective communication. Meaning, getting the proper information to the right individuals in a timely fashion."

  • In this assignment, I intend to discuss the many different teaching styles that can be adopted by teachers and coaches.

    "In conclusion it can be suggested that coaches adapt their teaching approach to the type of activity, age, ability and motivation level of the performer(s), environmental factors and their own personality and capability. Mosston's spectrum of teaching styles takes into consideration the proportion of decisions made by the learner and the teacher in the learning process. The more decisions that are made by the teacher, the more authoritarian the style. Each style in the spectrum has its advantages and disadvantages and should be chosen bearing in mind the factors just mentioned. Successful teachers use a wide variety of teaching styles ranging from strict to helpful to simply being positive and raising the performers motivation. (1435) Rachel Wilkinson 1"

  • Out Line the key features of HRM as an approach to managing people in the workplace. Compare and contrast the HRM approach with more traditional personnel management. Assess the advantages of the HRM approach for employers.

    "6. Conclusion Through outlining the key features of HRM, comparing and contrasting with the similarities and differences between the two, assess the advantages of the HRM approach for employers, it can be concluded that, comparing with traditional personnel management, HRM is a development, which originated from personnel management and is a better way of people management. Strategic integration and the promotion of employees' commitment are key features of the HRM model that bring about a new role and scope for the personnel function in the organization. It is the vital to the ongoing success of an organization in today's highly competitive market place. A strategic approach to HRM does everything to ensure that the right number of the right types of motivated, energized, and self-directed people with creative ideas and corporate commitment are there to manage the organizations business and in return the people are given adequate reward, agreeable job securities, continuously enlarging opportunities, and reinforcing employer-employee relationship. Reference and"

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