Important trends in Softwire communication

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Network Management II

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Important trends in Softwire communication

By: Jacy Logue

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Important trends in Softwire Communication

        Computers are found in basically every large business around the world, this is because it helps business’s become more effective and efficient. One of the main factors that help business’s become more effective and efficient includes communication. Computers allow employees and business’s to communicate in a far more effective way, including file sharing, hardware and software sharing as well as communicating in general.

In order for communication to occur between computers they must be connected in some form or another to allow the transmission of data, which, when connected form networks. Networks can be anywhere from two computers connected together, hundreds in a university or office all the way to the internet, which is basically a series of smaller networks all combined. Networks are more commonly connected through different forms of cables (hardwire), however now a days as technology is ever advancing more computers are beginning to be connected to networks without wires. Dividing connections to a network into two main categories, Soft and Hard wire, each possessing unique advantages and disadvantages to individual consumers and business’s.

        Hardwire essentially means a physical objects used for data transmission, such as cables. There are three main cables currently used to connect networks and they include; twisted pair wire, coaxial cable and fiber-optic cable.

The most commonly used type of hardwire is the twisted-pair wires because of their relatively cheap cost, however this does bring a couple of disadvantages. Twisted-pair wires are more prone to interference and errors then the other two forms of cables. Coaxial cables offer less interference and are less prone to errors, but despite that fact they are about three times more expensive the twisted-pair wires. The price difference does not reflect the additional benefits and therefore few people choose to use this form of cabling. Unlike the previous two forms of cable, fiber-optic cables does not use traditional electrical form to carry signals, they use high speed streams of light which is able to carry information. This offers a much faster method of transmitting data then the two previous forms of hardwire. Fiber-optic cables are the most desired as they have the capability of transmitting vast amount of data at a very fast rate, it is also more reliable and offers further benefits as it is strong and very durable. As the prices are beginning to drop for fiber-optic cables they are becoming increasingly popular and used.

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        Softwire refers to the term more commonly used, wireless, and as the name states it includes network connections that are not connected with a physical object. Wireless networks work by transmitting the data through the air in forms of radio waves, microwaves and inferred transmission. Radio waves use the same data transmission methods as the radio we listen to. Computers have specific devices that allow them to transmit and receive the radio waves, just like our radios do with different frequencies. Most commonly used forms of this are mobile phones and PDA’s. This form of wireless communication offers only ...

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