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Kraft Foods - Report on Ethical Stance

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Kraft Foods Report on Ethical Stance Kraft Foods is a huge global business which is responsible for many successful brands. Which many people think are businesses that stand in the market alone. Kraft has to create a very specific and individual business ethics plan for each separate brand. This is because all of the brands target markets vary and are spread from Canada to Australia. The trustworthiness of a business, its customer service, its customer care, its way of dealing with customers and its urge to retain their old customers, is a part of the business ethics. Business ethics leave a long-lasting impression on the customers. Kraft Food managers with support from team members of the Compliance & Integrity and Legal groups help employees understand the ethical standards expected of the business. Training educates employees worldwide about Kraft's ethics and compliance practices. 'In 2010, Kraft Foods employees at all levels took a Code of Conduct online training and completed an acknowledgment form.' In late 2010, Kraft Foods began providing the course to the legacy Cadbury employees. In addition, they offered in-depth courses to employees based on their responsibilities. The areas included food safety, antitrust, anti-bribery and responsible marketing. They frequently measure and evaluate how they as a business are complying with ethics this shows that Kraft Foods take pride and time in making sure that all the areas of their business and the brands are running smoothly. ...read more.


Sustainable agriculture promotes the long-term sustainability of crops, the preservation of fertile soil, the economic wellbeing of farmers and the health of ecosystems they are using to create products. As one of the world's largest purchasers of cocoa, coffee and other commodities, Kraft can influence the future of those crops and the communities that grow them. Kraft are partnering with other companies and governments around the world to increase the support of sustainable farming. The crops we buy often tell a story of family farming. Whether it's coffee, cocoa or many of the other crops they buy, a large portion of them come from developing countries. A variety of circumstances, such as political unrest, poor soil conditions, lack of infrastructure and more contribute to the challenges faced by farmers. Smarter farming can lead to healthier farm communities and better quality crops for an even better final product. Buying certified commodities is a powerful means of promoting sustainable farming, supporting farmers and enabling consumers to make correct choices. 'Kraft's goal is to increase sustainable sourcing of agricultural commodities by 25% by 2015.' They're working to help bring more products to the market that has sustainably grown ingredients. 'Kraft has been seen to oppose the fair trade movement, telling Oxfam in a report on the coffee industry that the 'market will find its own solution because countries and producers will be driven out of the market. ...read more.


According to the filing, Kraft received the subpoena on February 1 seeking information about a facility in India that Kraft obtained in its acquisition of Cadbury PLC in 2010. Specifically, the subpoena has "primarily" requested information about "dealings with Indian governmental agencies and officials to obtain approvals related to the operation of that facility," Kraft said. Kraft says it is cooperating with the U.S. government.' (www.mainjustice.com) In a large business such as Kraft Foods it is essential they are very careful of how they process dealings and work with other businesses, employees and suppliers because one little slip up and they can be in the lime light for the wrong reasons with very serious outcomes leading to lawsuits and cases where it can lead to the closure of a brand or business area. If a business is corrupt or involves bribery in their work it also puts out a very negative public image for customers and consumers which will lead directly to falling sales. Kraft selects suppliers (including consultants and other service providers) around the world based on whether their ethical standards align with their own. Kraft's guiding principle is that they will not expect more from their suppliers than they expect of themselves. They created a summary of corporate social responsibility expectations in three statements. Kraft then communicate with the other party and they work together to create what they consider to be a simpler approach for everyone involved. Sources: www.mainjustice.com www.kraftfoods.com http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_round_up/406157/kraft_takeover_will_hit_cadburys_ethical_rating.html http://www.icmrindia.org/casestudies/catalogue/Business%20Ethics/Kraft%20Food%20Fight%20against%20Obesity.htm www.guardian.com ...read more.

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3 star(s)

A good summary of Kraft's professed ethical stance but lacking in critical analysis. The writer has done some good research to find out some examples of possible disparities between professed and actual behaviour but they are not analysed in any depth

Marked by teacher David Salter 08/02/2012

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