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XYZ Agency Ltd is the experts at accelerating revenues for growing companies through fresh, authentic, and emotional marketing. Our agency will establish a company’s roots by ensuring that their marketing efforts are strong, consistent, and powerful. In recent years, XYZ Agency Ltd had participated in several large-scale sports events and had received a lot of praise from the sport retailers. Through many years of experience, our agency is clear about the customer’s needs able to satisfy their needs. Hence, our agency believes that there is no reason for sport retailers not to vote our company.  

This report is going to identify and critically evaluate the role of marketing communications that play in an integrated marketing communications strategy. Our agency has created an effective marketing communications plan for the promotion of the Sports Retailer for the period May to December 2012 which had identify clearly the target market and the way to attract and interact with the target audiences to purchase the products.

1.0 Definition of marketing communications

Marketing communications is about communication, promotion of products and the development of relationships with various stakeholders. The role of marketing communications is to engage audiences which can be developed market and relational exchanges. According to Fill and Hughes (2006), marketing communications is a management process through which an organization engages to meet the varying needs of different audiences.

Through an understanding of the audiences’ preferred communication environments, organizations seek to develop and present messages for its identified stakeholder groups, and acts upon the responses received. By conveying messages, audiences are encouraged to offer attitude. The objective of this management process is to reposition the organization, by influencing the target market’s perception and understanding.

The developing orientation of marketing communications is very important for organizations to gain their customers’ trust on their services or products especially the relational role. Normally, many organizations already have longer-term orientation and develops between parties which to build long-term supportive relationships because they wanted to make sure however infrequently, the consumers will choose to buy the same brand. (Fill, 2006, p.5)

2.0 The characteristics of marketing communications using the 4Cs framework

Marketing communications involves a mix of three elements: tools, media and messages. The primary element of the mix has customarily been the mix of tools that can be used in various combinations and different degrees of intensity in order to communicate with a target audience. On the other hand, the traditional grouping of communication tools are no longer assumed to be the most effective forms of communication because each of the tools perform a different role and can accomplish different tasks. (Warnaby, Bennison, Medway, n.d., pp19-20)

Table 1: (Fill, 2009)

The 4Cs framework on table 1 depicts the key characteristics and shows the relative effectiveness of the communication tools across a number of different characteristics. These are the ability of each to communicate, the credibility they bestow on messages, the costs involved and the control that each tool can maintain.

From the above table, the rating of communications in personal selling and direct marketing are very high because it is efficiency to deliver a personal message and achieve high level of interaction with customers. Advertising is also able to reach a large audience because it is due to non-personal form of mass communication that offers a high degree of control to deliver advertising messages but the effect of sales is extremely hard to measure and the costs can be very large. (Warnaby, Bennison, Medway, n.d., pp19-20)

Besides that, credibility factors are focus through public relations. Many of the organizations view target audiences’ comments as objective and trustworthy in the context of the media. Although it is difficult to control a message, but the endorsement offered by the audiences can be very influential and have a far greater impact on the target audience.

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Furthermore, control over the message is necessary to ensure transmitted to and received by the target. Direct marketing and sales promotion are allow for a high level of control over the message because the message is direct transmitted to target audiences which able to avoid audiences received the wrong message. (Warnaby, Bennison, Medway, n.d., pp.19-20)

Overall, organizations should more focus on personal selling and direct marketing because they are more effective compare with other marketing communications in term of interaction with customers. Organizations are able to see the result in a short period not like advertising which can only reach ...

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