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Marketing Assignment 2 – The Coca – Cola Company



Identifying the target audience        

Design Message        

Select Channels        

Establish budget        

Decide on media mix        

Measure results        

Manage integrated marketing communications        

Marketing Communications – Assignment 2


In this assignment I have chosen to look at the marketing campaign of the Coca – Cola Company. To this I will look at Kotlers “8 steps in developing effective communications” framework, and relate how these 8 steps are important to any campaign and I will evaluate how the Coca - Cola Company have tackled each step.

Identifying the target audience

For any marketing plan there must be a clear target audience, as the Coca – Cola Company is a worldwide company, with a wide range of products, the target audience considers a large scale of people.

To identify the target audience, firstly we must look at the product mix (please see appendix 1); as Coca – Cola has such a wide range of products it seems that they are targeting a wide range of customers, ages, genders and social and cultural backgrounds.

This can be represented by its main products;

Coke; The target market for coke, judging by its adverts etc. is most likely leaning towards the younger generations, from the teens to 30+, it can be argued that it is also targeting families as it has become widely known as a household name.

Diet Coke; The target market for the diet coke is likely to have a leaning towards females thus again is suggested by it latest adverts such as the Duffy “I got to be me” ad, in which the famous singer Duffy must have a can of diet coke before she performs, and rides on her bike to the nearest supermarket, whilst singing “I got to be me.”

In addition to this the diet coke website  talks about issues such as “women’s heart health”

Coke Zero; It was considered that the Diet coke image was to feminine and not attracting male customers therefore in 2005 the Coca – Cola company introduced Coke Zero – this is also demonstrated by the website    in which the main focus is race car driving, including a game in which you “help Elliot Sadler cross the finish line without spilling his Coke Zero.

The target audience can affect “the communicator’s decisions on what will be said, how it will be said, when it will be said, and who will say it”

It is also important to, when looking at the target audience, to determine the desired response, in this case the Coca – Cola Company will be looking to keep up the brand image as well as, ultimately have a purchase.

In line with the theory of buyer readiness behaviour, in which it is argued that consumers go through a process of awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction and purchase, Coca – Cola has managed to build up a well known product mix, in which many consumers prefer, therefore fulfilling the first 4 stages for most consumers. Therefore, it is likely that there communication strategy is based upon reminding the consumers of the product, and creating a desire for it. Therefore repeat conviction and purchase.

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Design Message

Coca – Cola has been a well known brand name for many years now and has been well known also for its advertising campaigns, for example every year, around Christmas, Coca – Cola is expected to show new adverts containing Polar bears drinking the original Coca – Cola glass bottle.  This advert in itself has gives a positive well known image to the company’s audience every year.

Therefore at this stage, for every new campaign, the company will look how designing its message will keep the customers attention.  For example through the use of AIDA; ...

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